Suggestions on Which Kids’ Beach Toys Would Bring Most Joy

Without any doubt, going to the beach is one of the most favourite things for both children and adults. While adults take the chance to recharge and relax only by breathing in the air and listening to the relaxing sounds of the waves, kids are on a totally different level. (chuckles) They love the idea of swimming and playing under the sun all day. However, at some point, they’ll have to go under a shade and hide from the sun because the afternoon sun can be quite dangerous for their gentle skin.

In order to prevent them from getting bored, parents should stock up on some fun kid beach toys and let their kids have fun in the sand. Luckily, these days, there is a plethora of friends/family kids beach toys and games, so everyone could have fun. You know what they say, a good vacation starts with a good organisation. So, besides the usual things like beach blankets, towels, cooler, umbrella and sunscreen, parents should also pack some interesting kid beach toys. These days, toys like this usually come packed in a bucket, plastic mesh or card box, so transporting them would be a piece of cake.


Kids love the idea of playing with adults, so for those looking for such game, roundnet is the ideal one for the beach. Roundnet is a type of net sport created in 1989 by Heff Knurek, inspired by volleyball. This game was popular for about 6-7 years, but it was in 2008 when Chris Ruder renewed it, so nowadays, it is known as spikeball. The game is friendly and extremely easy to learn. It includes a small trampoline-like object with string netting, a small bouncing ball and it can be played with 2-6 players. Generally, players should line up next to each other around the trampoline or across from each other in order to play with the ball while keeping it inside the circle (net). The newest versions of the game dictate where you should hit the ball, how high it bounces and what happens if you miss it.

A Set of Sand Kid Beach Toys

There’s no doubt that play games can contribute a lot to the early child development, and sand games are no exception. With the help of some interesting set of sand toys and their interesting shapes and bright colours, parents can help their children learn colours and shapes from an early age. Usually, these sets consist of sandcastle toys that can help kids build the most fun castle in no time. Castle wall moulds, round castles, castle buckets, sand sifter, shovels and watering cans are some of the main kid beach toys that are part of such set.

Kid Beach Toys Combo

If you already have a sand beach toy set, you can surprise your children by investing in something more fun and thrilling. Instead of buying a set, you can choose to purchase something that will be adored by both boys and girls. For example, a sand monster set can help them create their very own monster in the size they want. On the other hand, girls can enjoy making a sand garden with the help of such kid beach toys. Of course, there are many others to choose from, and making a combo can help children boost their creativity and create something extraordinary. They can create their own world where butterflies can fly free in the garden while dragons and sea monsters can fight on the other end of the sand.

Sand Baking Set

Who says that sand is not the ideal place for baking some sweets?! (chuckles) Little children love the idea of cooking something for the adults and the beach can be an interesting place to exercise their chef duties. Cooking sand sets like this usually contain measuring cups, whisk in some animal shape, a mixing spoon and so on. With a set like this, children will spend lots of hours building a stove, making a cake/sweets and baking them.

Water Guns

Very simple to operate and easy to refill, water guns are another popular type of summer toy among children. Usually made of plastic and foam, today’s water guns are lightweight and easily portable, allowing for easy transportation. Kids love them because these water guns can help them cool down on a hot and sweaty summer beach day while helping them coordinate and improve their teamwork skills. The best part about these guns is that they can be used at home in your yard. To make things more fun, parents can also take part in the game. Together you can form separate teams and set a prize for the winning one.

Note: Except for looking to buy durable and quality beach toys, one should also look for toys that are appropriate for the child’s age. Otherwise, parents are risking of having to nonstop supervise smaller children that play with toys designed for bigger kids, or to deal with a bored child who doesn’t love playing with toys for younger children.

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