Embracing Playfulness and Imagination Through Fashion: How to Dress Your Son

Kids are curious and have tons of imagination by nature. What’s more, every kid (although still not a fully developed person) has unique traits. In light of that, imagine how fun it would be for them to be able to show that through the clothes they wear. If you are mom of a boy, I’m sure that you feel as if your kid would look cute in almost everything he wears. However, fashion can be a form of self-expression for kids as well and it can give a hint about what he’s like and what his interests are. On top of that, childhood is also a good time to start teaching him about the value of creating your own style and knowing what you want when it comes to clothes.

Today, more than ever before, there is a huge variety of shirts to choose for for small boys. For instance, if your boy is a particularly brave individual, you can check with him whether he’d like to choose something from the range of shirts with strong colours, fun prints and more exciting shapes, which could be the base for bolder combinations. There are also neon shirts then those with and stripes, geometric patterns and edgy sayings – all of which can help your little boy stand from the crowd.

When it comes to his wardrobe basics, cotton boys t shirts are definitely something you shouldn’t miss out on. The reason for this is simple – they can make for a smart addition to their closet since you can find ones that are either subtle and simple (thus perfect for layering) or more noticeable (perfect for wearing alone). What’s more, cotton is definitely a type of fabric that your son can play in all day, every day. It is arguably the best fabric to dress busy little boys in.

It’s a natural, soft to the touch and breathable material that has the ability to wick moisture away from the skin at a quicker rate than synthetic fibres which is why it’s an ideal material for boys clothing. Also, cotton shirts are less likely to shrink during the wash and wrinkle afterwards, and we all know that active boys’ clothes need to be washed very often.

One fun part about being a mum to a boy is that you’ll finally learn the names of the ninja turtles and be able to tell which are the Marvel and which are the DC Comics characters. Superheroes often grab boys’ attention – they love to pretend to be like their favourite superhero and if your son loves comic characters, he’d be thrilled to wear superhero inspired shirts and that may even raise his confidence and make him look cooler in the eyes of his peers.

Trucks and cars are another common obsession for boys. Most boys show signs of great interest regarding toy cars, trucks and all wheeled toys in general and are eager to learn the name of every digger, dozer, and excavator. That is the reason why boys t shirts with cool car graphics are something that your little car enthusiast will surely love to wear.

A flannel shirt is another classic piece of clothing you can buy for your son. Nothing says “I am cool” quite like a flannel shirt, plus it’s never too early to get your little youngster familiar with the classic boys t shirts.

A great part of developing a good style is knowing what to pair with what. This is why you should make sure that your boy has a variety to choose from both when it comes to boys t shirts and bottoms too. You can teach him that colourful patterned t-shirts go best with solid colour shorts, pants or track pants. Simpler t-shirts, on the other hand, can be paired with bolder bottoms such as cargo pants for instance, or some other interesting pattern.

On a final note, it is always smart to buy the best quality you can afford. Quality clothes can be passed down from generation to generation – which can be especially convenient if you are planning to have more children. Even if you are not planning to do that, they can be still passed on to relative’s children or donated to charity.

Mia Hadson

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