Lead Generation: Achieve Your Company’s Goals Without Cold Calls


It has happened to all of us. Just as you are about to enjoy a lovely dinner with your wife you get interrupted with a cold call from the guys on the picture trying to sell you some random stuff you don’t need and it completely ruins the moment for you.

This type of intrusion can’t be good for any business. However, today, there is way to turn this cold calling into a warm lead with something called lead generation. The goal of lead generation is not selling a certain service or product, but rather creating the opportunity.

But let’s start from the basics. Simply put, a lead is someone who has shown some interest in your company’s service or product in any form. This means that instead getting a random call from someone who has actually just purchased your contact info, you will get a call from a company that you have previously made contact with.

Just to get the general idea, let’s say you took a survey to learn more about elf spotting (yes, I know it sounds ridiculous), it wouldn’t be as intrusive to just get an email from the same company that did the survey instead of getting a call out of the blue from a guy trying to sell you an elf spotting diploma without knowing whether you care about elves or even know what they actually are.


With lead generation you can forget about cold calling. Today, you can find a number of companies based in Australia that provide a wide range of lead generation services which provide quality leads through analyzing the targeted market and gain a better understanding of the needs of potential clients. These teams of skilled experts have proven to be very successful in tuning the cold calls into warm leads. They will provide a consistent flow of qualified leads thanks to the time they take to understand the values of your business and the products or services that you sell. This can save both time and money while providing regular, quality leads and allow you to focus on your core business.

Of course, you can always buy leads, but I highly advise you against that since the leads you purchase don’t actually know your company, therefore the messages they get from your company are unwanted messages and may even have an opposite effect. If the person has never been to your website, or shown any kind of interest in your company, products, or services that by calling them you are interrupting them and that can be really annoying for many people.

This is why it is always better to generate organic leads than just buying them.

Aiden Jones

Aiden Jones is an Australian student and a freelance writer. When not studying, Aiden spends time reading about different industrial equipment, information technology (computers and networking) and sports. With his elegant writing, Aiden enriches readers with his personal perspective and never steers away from the hard truth.