Permanent Makeup: Say Goodbye to Daily Hassle of Applying Makeup

Getting up in the morning is probably my worst nightmare; I literally can’t open my eyes, I can’t get out of bed and by the time I actually convince myself to get up, I’ve lost like 20 minutes and now I have to run around the house so I can be on time at work. Basically, even if I did have sweet dreams, you wouldn’t be able to notice that because of all the morning hell I go through.
On top of it all, when I do get to work, the first thing I get asked is why do I look like a train hit me – which makes me think I am the only person in the world that actually can’t get up on time and do her makeup.


Makeup can do a lot for a woman; hide morning crankiness, hide hangover headaches and rough nights, add a little freshness and rose colour to the cheeks and accentuate the eyes. So it is simply not acceptable for a woman to go out in the morning without makeup looking like she lived through an earthquake. It’s like a must-do activity in the morning if you like to call yourself a well-taken-care-of kind of a lady.

So in the attempt to make a compromise between looking good in the morning and still sleeping an extra few minutes, I decided to explore an alternative to me doing my makeup: visiting a permanent makeup clinic. As the name so sweetly suggests, I won’t have to think about that in the morning.

What is permanent makeup?

In the cosmetic world, this procedure is also known as micropigmentation and cosmetic tattooing, a procedure performed with the use of ink which is implanted in the upper skin layer. Basically, the colour can’t be washed off, hence the name ‘permanent’. Although, that doesn’t mean it won’t fade away with time or that it won’t need a few touch-ups. That being said, you can make your eyelids, eyebrows and your lips look all ready at all times. No more morning makeup hassle? Damn right!

The benefits and a few risks
Besides no more running around the house like crazy and looking like a train hit you, there are other reasons why visiting a permanent makeup clinic is a good thing. One of them are allergies to certain makeup products and skin sensitivity, which often results in a very unpleasant redness and itchiness. Permanent makeup allows you to avoid such situations since the ink is generally very safe and allergy-free, and yes, there’s no more makeup applying.


The risks on the other hand, although existing, aren’t that severe. Just like a tattoo on any body part; there will be a little bleeding from the needle pinching along with some swelling and bruising. Infections are possible only if the equipment used is poorly sterilized, which is why it’s important to carefully inspect the permanent makeup clinic you’ll make an appointment at. More severe cases of side effects are formation of irregular scars called keloids, as well as some MRI interference, although these rarely happen.

To wrap it all up, if you’re anything like me: avoidable in the morning and very resenting towards makeup, don’t hesitate too much. Solve your problem by choosing permanent makeup and enjoy every moment with a very envious natural look on your face.

Mia Hadson

Mia is a passionate blogger. Her obsession with beauty, health and shopping started young. Her philosophy is based on simple things, regardless of whether it is about applying makeup, decorating a room or cleaning a home. She believes simplicity is the basis of beauty and she implements this ideology in all spheres of her life.