Portable Hot Water System: The Suggested Option to Enjoy Showers when Camping

Camping may not be everyone’s cup of tea, mainly because it takes you to the outdoors away from your home and your day to day comfort, like taking a hot shower before bed, and we’re not all enthusiasts about that however, nowadays thanks to innovation and technology it’s never been easier to take comfort with you when on the road.


Yes, even if you don’t have the money to camp in a motorised home with your own bathroom, you’d still be able to make the most of your outdoor adventure enjoying your bedtime routine with the help of a portable hot water system. You have to agree, taking showers with a view of landscapes sounds like the experience of a lifetime!

What’s great about this system is the fact it can provide you with the much needed hot water instantly, and when you’re away from home this can certainly make your camping a whole lot better, even make you miss your home less and allow you to enjoy your life outdoors for days. Thanks to the way they function, the water heaters this system consists of are known as tankless and demand-type instantaneous heaters.

They’re worth the investment!
When you’re on the road, the last thing you want to worry about is carrying a heavy load as it slows you down, and it makes for a mess to set up and clear out afterwards, so lightweight water system is what you should be after. This is exactly what you get from a tankless portable hot water system which, unlike the storage tank models, is compact, easy to carry, and doesn’t take up much space.

Additionally, if you’re concerned about your carbon footprint and are looking for ways to cut down on it when you’re in nature, it’s good to know you won’t contribute to energy waste with your comfort showers considering an instantaneous heater consumes up to 30% less energy than a storage tank one does.

This energy-efficiency also applies to the standby mode. Furthermore, when you’re out and about and having hot water is rarity, the hot water system can be used for the kitchen too, coming in handy with preparing meals, washing up and cleaning.


Given that they’re compact, you’d have little to no trouble installing them be it on a tent or a wall, so you won’t get to pay for any installation costs and along with this there’s no limited supply of hot water as is the case with the tank alternative, plus they have a longer lifespan (20 years or so on average) mainly because there’s no tank; let’s face it, tanks aren’t that difficult to corrode and leak.

In other words, you won’t have to worry you’d run out of hot water in the middle of your shower, same way you won’t have to be mindful about the hot water in case someone else wants to take a shower after you. Moreover, this kind of system is great for you and the environment, you won’t get any extra energy costs, and thanks to the long lifespan it’s also easy to maintain.

What better way to appreciate nature than by making your trip earth-friendly, right? Still, to be sure of making the right purchase, it’s necessary to buy something of quality, checking the materials as well as whether or not they’re made according to the Australian standards.

If you’re buying the whole system, this applies to each and every component, from the heater to the shower head, regulator and hose. Likewise, if the choice of portable water heater is gas, you must check for gas safety certification as this would indicate the heater has passed rigorous check-ups.


How does a hot water system work?
The reason they’re called instantaneous water heater systems has to do with the fact they provide you with hot water right away, so there’s no water wastage even when it’s cold thanks to the minimal start-up lag.

To be able to get hot water, the portable hot water system has to be connected to a water source, and you can take care of this supplying water from a 12V pressure pump, or even easier, connecting a hose to the heater. Once you do so, remember to set up the desired temperature.

As soon as you turn the water on, there’s a sensor in the heater that activates the power source immediately, so the burner starts heating up thus you get hot water. Since the unit works automatically, there’s no worry of water wastage as the system switches on and off according to the water supply.

This whole process happens within seconds, and the maximum temperature your water heater can heat up should be indicated, complying with the Australian standards. Having in mind they’re either powered by gas or rechargeable batteries, you can cross diminishing power off your worries.

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