Roman Blinds: The Suggested classy and practical Window Covering

Finding the right window coverings can instantly transform your home. Roman blinds are a great option because they come in such a variety of styles you are sure to find something you like. As well as being stylish, they also give you that privacy that you need. Not only is a roman blind great at giving you privacy and style but they are also adjustable unlike curtains and other kinds of blinds that can be fussy. Below we’ll go over a few different styles of the roman blinds and hopefully you find something you like.Roman-Blinds

Waterfall Roman Blinds

Now the name might sound confusing but it really isn’t. Waterfall roman blinds have soft folds regardless if they are raised or lowered. They look great and come in interesting material choices like bamboo which is great for those of you who are looking to be eco friendly. If you don’t like this choice of material, you can also find them in other materials.

Austrian Style Roman Blinds

This is probably the most formal and traditional style of roman blind. The blinds themselves are ruched and gathered into rows either vertically or horizontally and feature scalloping along the bottom. If you want a room to look really regal and elegant, this is your best choice.

Pleated Roman Blinds

These blinds are sewn in a uniform pattern which gives them their shape and style. The individual panels stack on top of each other when you raise them and are straight when let down. This is a great minimal design for those of you who want something simple but not completely neutral.

Balloon Roman Blinds

These are great for those of you who really want to wow your guests. They are more of a decorative style but are not great for everyday use. This is a great choice for a room that needs to block light most of the time or maybe for a guest bedroom where playing with the blinds isn’t really necessary.

Relaxed Roman Blinds

These look great and have gone by the other name – London shades. They look classy but are still a little unconstructed. They droop slightly in the middle which is why they get the name relaxed. While they look great, they work best on narrow windows. If you want to put them on wider windows, you should consider putting more than one on each.

Constructed Flat Romans

These are no doubt one of the more common and more popular choices when it comes to roman blinds. These look great almost everywhere and suit a variety of styles. You can leave them as they are for a minimal look or add some drapes to dress them up. That’s what makes these so great, the possibilities are endless.

Unconstructed Flat Roman Blinds

The sister blind to the constructed roman blind, these are also great as you can dress them up or keep them simple. The material can be changed to suit your style and pattern fabrics work really well if you want them to stand out. They don’t have any stitching or seams so the pattern can really stand on their own, or you can choose something simple for a minimalist vibe.

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