Stylish Bedhead Ideas to Make Your Bedroom Extra Dreamy

Having a relaxing bedroom is one of the best things you can give yourself for a calmer, more productive day. The quality of sleep we receive on a daily basis is something that deeply affects our physical as well as mental strengths, so having a place to rest that’s completely serene and designed in just the way we like it is virtually priceless.

There are many things you can use to up the soothing quality of your bedroom, from essential oil diffusers and art to good drapery and a well-made bed. When on the subject of beds, it’s important to note that no matter how good your bedroom looks, if your bed does not feature a stable frame and a high-quality mattress everything loses value and your sleep does not improve, so it’s essential to pay extra attention to this piece.

Bed Essentials


A quality mattress is any mattress that allows the body to be properly supported while you sleep and also provides a good cooling mechanism, preventing allergies, sweating, and any other uncomfortable things from developing during your night’s rest.

A quality bedframe, however, is one that will handle the mattress well, but will also feature a quality bedhead. Bedheads are known to both round up the look of a bed and add stability and comfort, so buying one is always a good idea.

Here are a few suggestions for different bedhead styles that will help you create a peaceful and safe atmosphere within your bedroom and allow a good night’s sleep every night.

Grey Bedheads


A grey bedhead is one of the most popular bedhead colour choices around. A shade that’s so simple, yet still so bold, grey offers a subdued punchline, a show of character without it seeming forced or unnatural.

Because of these properties, a well-made grey bedhead is a perfect addition for any bedroom, whether for a single person or a couple, and will definitely help immensely with the dreamy and soothing factor we’re looking for.

When it comes to grey headboards you have two choices. You can either go with a more contemporary, leather option or an old-fashioned canvas one adapted for modern times. This is a decision you need to make depending on the style of bedroom decor and furniture you already have in place or plan on buying.

For example, a Scandi-styled or vintage-styled home will work very well with a canvas grey bed head as it will continue the focus on natural materials and neutral colours, making everything seem soft and homely. This is also a good option for the rustic home.

However, if you’re living in a house that’s very edgy and minimalistic, leather might be a better idea. Smooth and shiny, it will add on to that edge, keeping the lines clean and the mood straightforward. Still, because the colour is soft and neutral it will also help make the bedroom feel more cozy than having a bare wall behind the bed

White & Cream Bedheads

Also available in a canvas or leather option, as well as a faux leather one for anyone who doesn’t feel comfortable with harming animals, white and cream bedheads are the perfect choice for smaller bedrooms that need something to open the space up.

A lot brighter in shade than the grey option, even though it is pretty light, white and cream bedheads will create a focal point of their own, allowing you to experiment with the rest of the furniture as well as decor pieces within your smaller bedroom, making it seem more luscious and luxe.

They will also open the space up enough so that you can paint the walls any colour you’d like. It is known that lighter shades suit smaller rooms more as they tend to expand, but with a brightly coloured bedhead you already have yourself set up in that department, deeming everything else playground territory.

White and cream bedheads are also a great choice for any sophisticated home that loves earthy tones, especially the cream version, as well as Scandi and vintage homes. The white option works well with minimal and contemporary design as well as industrial interior.

Experimenting with the style of your bedhead will bring you a lot of creative options, so if you don’t like plain, you can go for studded ones that will add a bit of pattern into the mix, making the bedroom a bit more playful while still keeping it stylish.

Brown & Blush Bedheads


To round everything up we have brown and blush bedheads. These are a perfect choice for those who love a splash of colour here and there throughout the home and love to mix and match decor pieces within that monochrome pattern.

Way more earthy than the rest, these are perfect for bedrooms with a lot of natural light coming through big windows as they can get quite deep in saturation, so proper lighting is imperative so as to not close the space off and suffocate the bedroom itself.

Great for oriental, vintage, rustic, nature, Scandi, and elegant homes, these bedframes show off an adventuristic side and blend very well with the rest of the interior. Pair them with other brightly coloured items to create an imaginative young adult bedroom or with subdued shades for a more laid-back atmosphere.

Either way, these two shades are romantic and quite versatile, so you really can’t make a mistake by getting either one. Just make sure the bedhead you’re looking at is well-made, as such colours may be subject to fading after some time has passed. Buying from a proper, well-stocked furniture store will prevent this from happening, giving you a bedhead that will last you for years to come.

Mia Hadson

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