Suggested Air Compressor Maintenance Tips Vital For Improving And Maintaining Efficiency

You should never underestimate the importance of preventive maintenance. When you buy industrial air compressor, you expect to use the compressor for many years. Well, with proper care and preventive maintenance, your compressor will most likely serve you in the next 20 or 30 years. If you want to protect your investment, then make sure you always use genuine compressor spares.


If you want your air compressor to be in top form, then make sure you perform regular maintenance checks. Regular maintaining means inspecting the entire air system after some period of time. You should check the filters, dryers, drains and other essential parts. If some parts are damaged, you should replace them with genuine compressor spares. Consider our air compressor maintenance tips for optimized performance and increased productivity:

Schedule – You surely know that all parts in the air compressor should be maintained according to manufacturer’s specifications. That’s probably the most important thing you need to respect and follow. For superior operating efficiency, consult with your service personnel as well. The compressors which are used in harsh environments might need scheduled maintenance, unlike the ones which are used in stable and clean environments. Just make sure you have genuine compressor spares in case your service team needs to replace some parts.

Monitoring – Unexpected air compressor problems might affect your business in great extent. In order to avoid such problems, you need to rely on a professional service team that uses advanced monitoring equipment. The technicians will be able to detect any defect on time and to respond immediately before it affects the performance of your air compressor.

Audits – Most people conduct compressor air audits only when upgrading a facility or when installing a new equipment. With proper air audits you can achieve significant energy savings. Yes, you heard that well. If you regularly conduct air audits, your technicians will be able to identify downstream leaks and to fix the problem on time.

Fluid Analysis – Preventive maintenance includes regular fluid analysis as well. Thanks to these analysis, your technicians will be able to identify the cause for some problem, and to fix the identified problem on time. The fluid analysis also help the technicians to determine whether the compressor is using the right type of lubricant or not.

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