The Suggested Container Handlers – Reach Stackers & Container Cranes

The container handlers are described as highly efficient material handling machines which are used in many industry sectors. Some of the most commonly used machines for handling containers are the reach stacker and the container crane. The container cranes are the largest and most powerful units for loading and unloading containers. The reach stackers on the other hand, are quicker and more efficient machines for short distances. Although used for the same purpose, these two machines are different and work in a different way. Continue reading in order to find out which container handler is the right one for your job.



Reach Stacker – The reach stacker can lift, load, move and lower containers in a quick, efficient and unique way. With great storage capacity and high stacking ability, the reach stacker is designed to work between rows easily, and to store containers in a 4-deep blocks. The newest reach stackers come with smart mechanisms for improved efficiency. For example, the load-sensing hydraulic system ensures that the hydraulic lift system and the engine dispose with enough power.

However, the reach stacker includes many other innovative systems with only one goal – to improve the cost-efficiency by delivering higher torque at lower rotational speeds and to provide a convenient and safe environment for the operators. The reach stackers are usually compared with forklifts, but they have many differences. The forklifts are used for more frequent loading and unloading, and do not offer the same capacity as the reach stackers.



Container Crane – If a reach stacker does not meet your needs, consider a container crane. The container cranes, or also known as ship-to-shore cranes, are used for loading and unloading containers from ships which are specialized for container transportation. Because they are used for heavier loads, the container cranes can only be operated by well-trained operators.

Most container cranes transport one container at a time, but the new models are capable to pick up even 4 containers at a time. Either on rail or on wheels, the container cranes feature a supporting frame which enables them to move the containers quickly and easily. For clearer and better view, these cranes have a transparent cabin which is mounted on the top of the supporting frame.

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