Swags: The Suggested Option for Camping

Camping makes an ideal way to spend a holiday for a number of reasons: it offers you the chance to get away from the surroundings and immerse yourself in nature, get your daily dose of fresh air, exercise with the various types of adventure, it could be kayaking, hiking, rock climbing or anything in between, as well as the opportunity to go back to a basic lifestyle leaving anxiety and stress behind.

double swag

Since there are various camping styles by now, there are more options other than camping in a tent but if you want to experience the real connection with nature, it’s always better to go back to basics. Want to pack up light and have a hassle free experience? Switch for double swags instead of tents!

Available in a variety of brands, ranging in traditional, dome and air swag designs, they’re created of quality, from materials like HD welded PVC bucket floor, anodised alloy poles and proofed grid ridstop among essential features such as the storm covers that are perfect as awnings as well, the full length insect mesh panels and hard-wearing pole sleeves.

The hassle-free experience comes from the easy installation thanks to the meticulous design so you won’t have to waste time on setting up the double swags and have as much time as you want to enjoy and have fun. Apart from the freestanding design, you can also count on the improved stability thanks to the tapered walls, and get to feast your eyes on sunsets, reaping the benefits of stargazing with the 180 degrees sky vision.

double swags

Furthermore, you won’t have to worry about the packing up either because just as it’s easy to set up your swag it makes equally quick to break down too. What you might love more than this is the fact you can pack up the swag with everything else in it, be it the bedding, the pillow or even a sleeping bag or a mattress, so you can carry it as a single item.

As for protection, due to the use of materials like PVC and heavy duty cotton swags provide a great deal of warmth which is perfect for the colder months, whereas in summer you can make use of the ventilation without worrying about condensation or welcoming uninvited visitors like mosquitoes and bugs as there’s the mesh protection. What we can conclude from this is they make ideal options year-round so it doesn’t matter when you go camping, it’s always swag time!

Mia Hadson

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