Teak: The Suggested Wood for Your Outdoor Furniture

If you want to increase the value of your home, give the outdoor area a makeover. Often, we let the space turn into one that’s only gathering dust, with plenty of withered plants in sight, not even wondering on the impression it leaves with passers-by and visitors. The outdoor area serves as your opportunity to extend your living space, and enjoy more of the fresh air, as well as entertaining.

Same as with the indoors, the furniture makes the basic purchase, but other than focusing on style, there are more aspects that deserve your consideration, like durability, weatherproof properties, resistance to mould, and insects, as well as low maintenance, and the option that’s superior in all of them is teak timber outdoor furniture online and local stores provide.

Timber Outdoor Furniture

Starting from style, this hardwood choice is ideal in any setting, and can blend in with other pieces no matter the style they’re in as it brings about a sense of class, of elegance.

You have the chance to decide whether you’d want to keep your timber outdoor furniture online stores, local, or retailers can offer you with in a natural state, so it would turn from honey brown to silvery, patina grey colour with time, getting a weathered look, or maintain its prime colour by adding some finishes, clear-coating it, or oiling it.

When it comes to durability, you can count on teak being an investment that would pay off in the long run, as it’s very strong, can endure heavy loads, and can last a lifetime, so you can count on making long-lasting memories with this furniture.

Part of its durability also comes from the fact it’s ideal for the harsh Australian weather conditions, being resistant to water, thanks to its natural oils, which is why it’s also resistant to rot, mould, as well as insect infestation, meaning you wouldn’t have to worry of termites getting the best of your furniture.

When it comes to maintenance, you can expect to be required to do minimal and easy cleaning, and whether you decide to apply finish or not is entirely up to your taste and not a matter of preservation. Both finished and unfinished teak furniture are durable and low maintenance.

The only thing you’d be required with more maintaining would be the applying of some finishes, like polyurethane, and varnish for instance. Polyurethane would be a bit of trouble while drying out because of the smell, while varnish would demand you to do several layers, and what they both have in common is the need to sand the furniture surface well before you apply both.

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