The Suggested 100 Ton Boom Crane

If you are in the construction business, then you surely understand the importance of having well-trained staff and powerful construction machines. Meeting deadlines is also important for keeping your reputation among the customers and within the industry. It is hard to find skilled workers, and so is finding a powerful and reliable construction machines such as cranes. Today, there are many crane manufacturers on the market, but not all offer cranes that stand for durability, reliability and exceptional performance.

100 ton crane

One crane manufacturer that is quite popular among the construction companies is Mantis Cranes. Mantis Cranes is a well-known manufacturer of hydraulic telescopic boom crawler cranes. The latest addition to its product line is the 20010 – a 100 ton crane, known as the largest crawler crane from Mantis. The Mantis 100 ton crane is known as an incredibly powerful and strong performer that has full power 4-section telescoping boom, which is 39 meters long when extended. It consists of two double acting hydraulic cylinders with load holding valves, extension and retraction cables. Its maximum tip height on the boom is little less than 42 meters.

The gear motor of this 100 ton crane allows a rotation of the superstructure (upper-structure) for 360 degrees. Its jib is 7.6 meters long and its maximum tip height and extension is 60 meters. This means that the 100 ton crane form Mantis can lift around 19,000 kg with the main boom. The Mantis 20010 comes with a Cummins QSM11 engine, that provides a maximum output of 375 horsepower. This Tier 3 engine uses 6 water cooled cylinders, with maximum torque of 1400 lb-ft and 1400 RPM. The dual swing drives and the full-view cabin, invented by Mantis, provide the operator tilt of 20 degrees with rear and winch view cameras with electronic control module.

The Mantis 20010 features few hydraulic pumps: two high pressure, two or more axial piston pumps with load sense, and one axial piston pump for cooling loop. Additionally, this 100 ton crane includes counterweights of 16,000 kg for greater stability when loaded. The maximum fuel capacity is 625 liters. When all these features are combined together, the end result is a powerful 100 ton crane, capable to challenge even the toughest jobs.

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