The Suggested Asphalt Paving Preparation

Asphalt pavement is the surface on the ground which is intended for traffic, both by people and vehicles. The asphalt pavement needs to be durable to withstand high pressure, and therefore it is usually made of asphalt or concrete. To perform an asphalt paving process correctly, you need to know that the preparation of the surface is the key for success. A proper asphalt paving preparation is required before asphalt profiler can be used. One of the considerations that many homeowners have in mind is what type of driveway design and material to use, whether to be made of concrete, paving stones or asphalt paving. Regardless of the material, the quality and durability of the finished project depends on the quality of the preparation.


There are generally three paving options, and they all provide an exceptional surface for all weather conditions. The cobblestone paving is the most popular choice, although it is very expensive. The other two paving options are concrete and asphalt paving. Both options provide a great surface for easy snow removing, but unfortunately, both options are prone to cracking. The asphalt is a little more flexible because of the presence of the petroleum and is a better option when compared to the concrete paving. Asphalt paving has few more benefits, such as the ability to be stamped with decorative patterns, option to add more layers and is also more affordable.

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High quality asphalt paving preparation requires close attention for a perfect and smooth surface. A high quality and powerful enough asphalt profiler, also known as pavement profiler is needed for the asphalt paving process. The asphalt profiler recycles the asphalt materials which are damaged and extend the life of the pavement. The recycling process with the asphalt profiler includes mixing recycled pavement material with bitumen and fresh aggregates. The pavement profiler which is used should be capable of operating under any weather condition. Also, the pavement profiler should be operated only by a skilled and experienced operator.


The soil under the asphalt pavement, or under the road, is another important consideration, because different soils require different approach. It depends on how the soil acts in contact with water. But a skilled operator of an asphalt profiler should know when there is inadequate soil that needs to be replaced with a new soil layer. The area needs to be checked whether it is prone to drainage. If it is, a geo-tech fabric needs to be placed between the soil and the pavement for more stability. If you do not have the skills and experience with a pavement profiler, find an experienced operator to ensure successful completion of the task. Browse online for more information if you are interested in buying a pavement profiler or asphalt profiler.

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