The Suggested Sand Preparation Equipment

Sand preparation is a must-do procedure before setting the foundations of a building or any other structure, and it can be done by using few different types of sand preparation equipment, such as sand mullers, intensive mixers, etc. The right sand preparation equipment is the most cost-effective solution for your construction project. Therefore, close attention should be given on selecting the most appropriate sand equipment for high quality results. The results of using the right sand preparation equipment can be an economic casting and significant savings for the amounts of additives used. Here are few examples of the best sand preparation equipment.

Sand Muller With Aerator

The sand mullers are specially designed to mix heterogeneous mass of both dry and wet materials and to turn them into a homogeneous smooth end product. The sand mullers are usually made of hard materials and plates and have rollers for adjusting the mulling pressure. One popular sand muller that is globally used is the Ganesh sand muller. This sand muller is characterized with auto-sand charging system, sand aerator, scraper blades, automatic cycle control and linings for drums. All Ganesh sand mullers have such features, but some specific models can come with additional features. The capacity of sand mullers ranges from 50kg to 1 ton, while the mixing capacity ranges from 50kg to 500kg.

Sand Muller Mixer

Rotary Sand Drier

Rotary sand driers are exactly what their name states – an effective sand driers. They are designed to improve the quality of sand by effectively removing the moisture from the sand. Each rotary sand drier is strong and durable, and the drum body is high temperature resistant as it is wrapped with asbestos sheet for heat loss prevention. The rotary sand drier is specially designed to provide maximum drying of sand in no time. The drum of the drier rotates and requires less floor space and less consumption of oil when compared with the sand muller.

Intensive Mixer

The intensive mixer is used generally for mixing sand with hard particles and other similar materials. It contains wear plates, which are exchangeable, opening pneumatic door, powerful mixing blades and impellers. This mixer is used for high-speed mixing of hard sand particles and other additives/materials in order to prepare high-capacity moulding sand. It is characterized with fast mixing time, cost-effectiveness and blender with drive unit.

Portable Vibratory Sand Siever

For sand preparation procedures on small foundations, the portable vibratory sand siever is the most efficient machine. This machine can be easily transported from one location to another and has a pan that vibrates with unbalanced weight. The pan is designed specifically to enable the sieved sand to go on one side and the unsieved sand to go on the other side. With a motor of 1 horsepower, the portable vibratory sand siever is available in three models: single, double and three deck.

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