The Suggested Way To Make Concrete With A Cement Mixer

A mini concrete mixer is a piece of construction equipment used to quickly and easily mix cement, sand (or gravel) and water, and form concrete. Whether you need cement for new driveway or bigger construction project, learn how to make quality concrete with a mini cement mixer in few steps.

Step 1: Choosing A Cement Mixer

Each concrete mixer models has own specifications and is meant for specific applications. For example, if you need to make small amounts of concrete, buy or rent a mini cement mixer. Usually, the mini cement mixer is powered by electricity and has wheels for an easy transport. Also, consider a brand, especially if you need a mini cement mixer for larger concrete jobs. Brand is an insurance for reliability and quality concrete. Cheap mini cement mixers can easily bring you many troubles, such as breakdowns, slipping belts or electricity issues. So, be skeptical of advertisements that guarantee cheap mini cement mixer yet quality concrete.


Step 2: Ensure A Correct Amount Of The Ingredients

One thing that is crucial to making strong and quality concrete is to ensure the correct amount of cement, gravel or sand and water. The higher the amount of cement, the better the quality of concrete. And vice versa, the more water, the lower the quality of concrete. For example, if you are making concrete for a driveway with a mini cement mixer, you should mix 4 shovels gravel, 2 shovels sand, 1 shovel of cement and 1 bucket of water. This mixture will give you a dense concrete. Keep in mind that different concrete jobs require different concrete mixture.

Step 3: Consider The Amount of Water

Another crucial thing when making concrete is to obtain a correct amount of water, but there is no set quantity that will work every time. The quality of your mini cement mixer, water content of sand, temperature of air, air humidity and total volume of concrete are key factors that need to be considered to ensure quality concrete. A perfect mix of concrete will not fall in a pool, but stay on top. It is an old method of checking the quality of concrete.

Aiden Jones

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