Suggested Types Of Concrete Mixers

A concrete mixer is an essential piece of equipment in almost all construction-related industries. This heavy-duty machine mixes cement, sand or gravel and water to form homogenous mix, known as concrete. It consists of a motor, which can be powered either by gas or electricity; a rotating drum and rotating blades. A large concrete mixer also has a chute for easier pouring of larger amounts of concrete.


Selecting the right large concrete mixer is not an easy task. There are many factors that need to be considered. For example, should you buy a portable or stationary concrete mixer. Also, the size matters. Will small or large concrete mixer better work for your application? The size depends on the the size of the job, application and amount of concrete needed. The material the concrete mixer is made out of is also an important factor. These machines are either made out of steel or polyethylene. The speed and power capacity are also important, as the efficiency and productivity of concrete mixers depend on them. Here are the most common types of concrete mixers.

Self-Loading Concrete Mixer – The self-loading concrete mixer is ideal for producing concrete where there is no produced hot-mix. It can be used for many different applications, including scooping, mixing and pouring of the concrete. Usually, the self-loading concrete mixer is very compact and is able to produce concrete directly on the job site, where the concrete will be poured. The size of this concrete mixer can be up to 4m³ and each model has specific features.

Pan Concrete Mixer – The pan concrete mixer can be portable or fixed and it works on almost same principle as the cylindrical pan. It can be either small or large concrete mixer and both types have one or two sets of blades that rotate and mix the materials inside the pan. The pan concrete mixer has a scraper and if the pan rotates, the scraper should be fixed. Fir the pan to work properly, the scraper must move to keep the blades rotating. Each part of this mixer is independently powered.

Rough Terrain Concrete Mixer – This is a heavy-duty mixer with 4×4 wheel drive. With a large cab, it is suggested for climbing on the most difficult terrains fully loaded with concrete. It produces quality concrete. This large concrete mixer for rough terrains is suitable for any type of application, maneuverable in tight areas and operative for remote construction sites and busy urban areas.

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