The Suggested Loader – Tracks Or Tires? Part 2

Evaluate The Ground And Climate Conditions

The compact track loaders are described as the ideal machines when used under wet, rainy and muddy conditions. For this reason, the track loaders are more preferable option than the wheeled loaders, simply because the track loaders can extend the working seasons so that you can generate more working days regardless of the weather conditions. The compact track loaders can be used immediately after rain and they can move without any problems on muddy surfaces because they provide lower ground pressure thanks to their tracks. By getting back to work quickly, you are able to complete your work faster which maximizes your profitability.

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Calculate Your Investment

One important factor that may have a strong impact on your decision whether to buy a wheeled loader or to go for a compact track loader, is surely the cost of the investment that you are planning to make. It is no secret that the mini sized wheel loader has lower purchase price when compared with the same mini sized compact track loader. The lower price comes from the fact that the tires of the wheeled loader cost less in comparison with the tracks and other track loader accessories. On the other hand, the tracks last longer and are more durable.

The higher price of the track loaders comes with higher tracks durability. For example, a set of tires for a wheel loader costs around $600 to $1000 AUD and are good for about 500 to 700 operating hours. With proper maintenance and operation, the tracks of the track loaders last longer. Usually the tracks cost around $2500 to $5000 AUD depending on the model, and can be used for about 1300 to 1500 operating hours. When speaking about tires and tracks, there is another loader option that can deliver many landscaping solutions. Many loader manufacturers today offer a over-the-tire steel tracks as an additional useful accessory for the mini sized wheeled loaders. This loader setup can help you in situations when the weather conditions are far from ideal. The cost for this special track setup ranges from $3000 to $4000 AUD.

Depending on the type of a loader you are planning to purchase, there are plenty of options and accessories available which can facilitate your work further. With the wheeled loaders you have many tire types and models from which to choose in order to match the surface conditions. The tires can range from service-duty use to general use models, tires with different flotation sizes. Also poly fill tires are available for the wheeled loaders. On the other hand, you can choose a narrow or wide tracks for your track loader depending on the ground conditions. You can also choose among different undercarriages and customized accessories such as air conditioning systems, radios, etc for increased comfort.

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