The Suggested Loader – Tracks Or Tires?

When it comes to construction or landscaping projects, the purchase of a high quality compact tire or track loader can be one of the most important investments you can make. When chosen properly, after long research, the compact loader can be more than just another piece of machinery. If you want a machine for an effective utilization, the purchase of a compact loader can result in high return on the investment simply because these machines are designed and engineered to effectively manage different projects like loading and unloading dirt in your backyard, lifting and moving concrete blocks and pavers, irrigation tasks, rolling sod, etc. Today the compact loaders come with more power and performance than ever before. Different types of attachments are available for different applications, making the compact loaders more versatile and widely used for various applications. So with so many different loader models, which one is the right for your operations, wheeled or track loader?

Experienced loader professionals state that the answer to this question lies at determining the purpose of usage. Once you know the nature of your work, there are other important factors that need to be closely considered in order to decide whether to purchase a compact wheeled or a track loader. What you need to consider is:

  • The ground surface on which the compact loader is going to be used
  • The weather conditions and
  • Your total cost of ownership

The Proper Selection Requires A Closer Look Of The Surface

The first step that you should undertake when assessing which compact loader is the right for you, is to consider the ground level. If you are working on a hard surfaces like driveways, parking lots, streets or on hard surface yards, it may be reasonable to look for a wheeled compact loader. The wheeled loaders operate well on such hard surfaces and the initial investment can be significantly lower. Some manufacturers offer even loaders with four-wheel steering capability. A four-wheel compact loaders deliver higher ground performances because of their design which allows all four wheels to move in a turn. This way any damages on the turf or pavements are avoided or minimized.

Rubber track loaders are ideal machines when you are working on lawns where the surface of the ground is sensitive. Unlike the wheeled loaders, the compact track loaders have a solid steel undercarriage which reduces the pressure on the ground, increases the flotation and improves the traction on the ground. The total mass of the machine is being distributed evenly across the tracks. This way the disturbance on the ground is greatly reduced. The compact track loaders are also ideal machines for grading operations. The tracks are definitive plus when it comes to performing irrigation processes because of the low ground pressure. This certainly has a positive impact on your budget because less repair work is needed after completing the job.

To Be Continued…

Aiden Jones

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