The Suggested Machine Brand For Log Loader – Part 1

The manufacturers of forestry machines know the importance of a strong, durable, efficient and safe logging machines. Usually small-diameter wooden logs are loaded on trucks by hands, but for larger logs, a powerful and efficient log loaders are required. Log loaders are used for picking and loading wood logs into trucks. Various log loader models can be found on the market offered by many well known manufacturers like: John Deere, Caterpillar, Komatsu, Liebherr, Link-Belt, Sennebogen, Tanguay, Tigercat, Volvo etc.

Most log loaders are equipped with hydraulic systems which allow easy movement and rotation on the ground. Generally, log loaders can be either tracked or on wheels. Each model has own unique specifications, advantages and disadvantages. The selection of a particular model depends on the nature of the work. Here’s a short list of the most commonly used log loaders from several world known manufacturers.



Caterpillar offers a range of forestry machines, including the Cat D-Series log loaders and Cat 559 B-Series log loaders. The D-Series log loader from Caterpillar is available in both short and long configuration, and can be found in four different sizes. It is specially designed to handle tough wooden operations like loading big sized wooden logs. Main features of the Cat D-Series log loaders are: wide ground undercarriage, completely enclosed and protective cabins, heavy duty lower and upper frames, and specially designed swing bearing systems that provide better service than the ones found in other log loader models.

Cat 559 B-Series is a trailer knuckleboom log loader model that comes with a powerful engine and efficient hydraulic system which saves fuel while at the same time, increases the performance of the machine. The hydraulic system of the Cat 559 log loader delivers fast boom speed, quick grapple actions and increased swing torque for increased productivity and reduced cycle times. The operators of the 559 B-Series log loaders have three operating modes to choose from what gives them increased flexibility to match the speed of the engine with the application.

John Deere Loaders

John Deere Loaders

John Deere is a widely known manufacturer of log loaders. John Deere loaders are considered as powerful and durable machines, capable to complete different logging tasks. The D-Series log loaders from John Deere include one new model, the 2454D and three updated and improved log loaders, the 2154D, 2954D and the 3754D. The upgraded and updated John Deere loaders offer many benefits and features like:

  • innovative hydraulic systems
  • Tier 3 more powerful engines
  • more durable body structure capable to withstand even the toughest logging jobs.

The updated D-Series also include better boom design, new undercarriage and swing components, increased protection for the operator, remote filters, etc. The John Deere loaders provide increased productivity and require less maintenance. Each model can be specifically designed to match the nature of the work.

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