The Suggested Room Décor for a Rustic Interior

It’s no surprise that the charm of rustic style has taken the interior design world by storm. This style is characterised with naturalness, simplicity, careless elegance, lack of modern materials (plastic, metal, synthetic fabrics) and natural colours (shades of green, gold, brown, grey), etc. It puts a strong emphasis on bringing the outdoors in while embracing the rugged and natural furniture and textures. As a result, the best rustic interiors find the perfect balance between raw and comforting.modern-rustic-

Rustic design doesn’t only involve chunky, dark hardwood floors, thick lines and roaring fires. It creates comfort and a feeling of warmth in a number of ways by keeping to a more weathered look and hand-stitched fabrics. Don’t know where to start? Get inspired by these gorgeous ideas for room decor that can bring a cosy, rustic vibe to any space.

Use of Wood Accents

One of the key decor elements of modern rustic style is the use of wood accents. Wood decor elements, whether they’re a wood art instalment, unique coffee table, or some other elegant and appealing accessories, are always welcomed and can give off a weathered country-feel ambience. Wood beams, for instance, look especially great when placed in well-lit areas in your living room or kitchen. Or, you can pick out some reclaimed wood flooring (e.g., wood effect laminate), for the perfect rustic-inspired design. You can never go wrong with wood, so don’t be afraid to add as many wooden accents as you want

Consider Using Repurposed Materials & Antiques

You don’t really need to spend lots of money on decor because this style is all about reusing and giving old things a new chance to shine. If something’s old, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it should be thrown away as long as it’s still functional. For instance, wire baskets can be transformed into light fixtures and wood crates reimagined as storage units to hold different things, from books to blankets.

Antiques can also be your best friends when it comes to bringing rustic vibes into your home. Just go to your nearest antique shop or a flea market and you’ll find some lively decor items such as vases, ottomans or side tables at bargain prices. This is also a great way to save money, and still, in a way renovate your room.

Bring an Artistic Flair With Expressive Artwork

Incorporating eclectic artwork into your home is another great way to bring in a rustic vibe. Murals, bold graphics, painting bold symbols in an exposed brick wall, are all tricks to add instant accent to any room. You can also come up with your own artwork pieces. Just one piece of advice, make sure that the frame compliments the overall rusticity. For instance, you can pick a wrought iron or a distressed wooden frame.fancy artwork

Add Softness With Some Cosy Textiles

A modern rustic home isn’t complete without a good amount of cosy textiles. From burlap to cotton, wool, and linen, all go a long way in creating a warm, and cosy home. What makes this design style so welcoming and warm is exactly this part, the integration of soft textures into space. You can think of adding a pattern in the form of buffalo check, plaid, kilim and patchwork. All these patterns match the surrounding weathered elements. Quilts also make an excellent pair with rustic-style interiors and they can be draped over the edge of a sofa, or at the end of a bed.

Textiles also involve pillows and curtains, but along with that, there are some stunning furniture options that also incorporate dreamy textures. So, including a mix of upholstered and non-upholstered furniture is an easy way to keep the warm and cosy feeling effortlessly.

Bring the Outside In

The key to rustic room decor is concentrating on merging the outdoors with the interior. What’s the easiest way to do this? – Incorporate plants. Adding greenery is the perfect way to bring in the cosy softness that really makes your house feel like home. For example, potted plants and fresh flowers will bring live and freshness to your room. You can put these fresh accents in many places, including the bathroom where they can function as natural air-fresheners.bathrooms-plants

Besides the plants, you can also use the pots themselves to enhance the rusticity of the space. Pick pots made of natural materials such as Terra Cotta, or handmade pots that feature unique cracks and spots that give them a raw look. Concrete pots also make a great choice for rustic interiors, especially if you plan to blend rustic with industrial.

Paint in Warm and Earth Tones

Repainting your home in warm and earth-tone colours is a great way to tie everything together. Most rustic furnishings are in natural and neutral shades. Hence, by keeping the colour scheme neutral, it automatically becomes a more relaxing atmosphere. Instead of leaving the walls crisp white, try creating a more subdued effect by painting them in an off-white colour such as ivory. If you want a dramatic touch, you can create a statement wall by painting it black.

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