The Suggested Streetwear Brands to Give Your Style a Chic Urban Edge

Street style is something that will always be popular with the younger generations and everyone with a young and rebellious spirit. Although it might seem like it’s a lazy look for those that have never tried it, the truth is that to pull off street style you still need to have some good fashion sense. Like all other popular styles from haute couture to country, there are fashion brands that truly capture the essence of streetwear. Wearing pieces from these fashion-forward streetwear brands is sure to give your outfits a dose of chic urban edge.

Dickies clothes

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Besides being practical and durable enough to suit a range of heavy-duty professions like carpentry and construction work, workwear has adopted a new role lately. That of being the hippest fashion trend. And when it comes to workwear made cool, nothing beats Dickie wear.

Dickie’s is a workwear company with a history dating way back to 1922. The company produced a broad spectrum of work garments that embodied the spirit of the American worker. But some functional Dickies clothes have gradually been adopted in mainstream fashion. One example is their signature trousers have already been some of the most popular fashion statements in the 1990s and which are now they’re back bigger than ever.

If you’ve noticed a pair of carpenter-style, low-rise pants that It-girls are wearing on Instagram, then chances are it’s Dickie’s trousers. Emili Ratajkowski and Kourtney Kardashian are some of the famous fans these pants have. When worn with a pair of classic Chuck Taylors and a simple Tee, these trousers can help you create a stylish urban outfit.

Besides their signature pants, many other items in the range of Dickies clothes like their bomber jackets, beanies and button-up shirts are considered popular streetwear staples in 2020. Dickies clothing is recognizable for its loose fit, comfortable feel, versatility and durability. Oh, and an affordable price tag too.

Supreme streetwear

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Streetwear has always been associated with one popular street sport – skateboarding. And American skateboard and clothing label Supreme managed to merge the two in an edgy and modern fashion blend. The brand is very productive and drops new limited supplies of their stocks weekly, which means there are always original styles to choose from. Their limited range is especially popular for streetwear enthusiasts who want to own a one-of-a-kind piece that sets them apart from the crowd. As such, Supreme is one of the most expensive streetwear brands currently on the market. It’s essentially an haute couture version of streetwear. It’s evident that the brand wants to push streetwear into the luxury fashion market and its collaboration with high fashion designer labels like Louis Vuitton is proof of it.



If you know your history, you probably know that Stüssy was the original streetwear fashion brand. But if you think that it has reached the end of its popularity in the ’80s, think again. Since Stüssy opened a new flagship in Toronto and released collaborative lines with popular streetwear names like Vans, Bedwin & the Heartbreakers and Hypnotize, it came back into the spotlight. Today, the brand is known for its signature graphic tees that are a favourite in the surfer community. Their custom varsity jackets are worn by some of the biggest names in the hip-hop industry like A$AP Rocky.


The potential of the streetwear industry is definitely noticed by people in the high fashion business. One of Louis Vuitton’s artistic directors, Virgil Abloh, founded one of the newest labels in the streetwear industry – Off-white. Off-white quickly became a cult-favourite due to mixing high fashion and streetwear into a balanced and visually attractive package. The brand has been seen worn by some big celebrity names like Rihanna and Travis Scott. If you like to look high-end while paying homage to your street roots, this is definitely the brand to try.


Nike is definitely one of the best brands of sportswear, but its streetwear range shouldn’t be overlooked either. Nike has a collection of pieces that are equal parts stylish and comfortable enough for you to exercise in. Their line of jackets, tees and hoodies will have you look street cool in no time. And then there’s also the fact that Nike’s footwear line has helped in the rise of sneaker culture. Their iconic white Swoosh kicks look great when paired with all kinds of outfits.

Billionaire Boys Club

Founded by Pharell Williams, the man with the most unique sense of style in the hip hop industry, it’s no surprise that Billionaire Boys Club is one of the hottest names in the streetwear scene. Billionaire Boys Club’s range is recognisable by its colourful and out-of-the-box designs with major ’90s vibes. Most of their pieces are considered unisex – designed to look great on everyone.

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