Weight Loss: Here Are Our Suggested Supplements

Most of us wish we could lose weight as easy as we gain it, right? Well, life wouldn’t be funny if it didn’t have a sense of humour, so we have to at least make the most of it. If you are on weight loss journey, I am sure you already know that there several different aspects you need to incorporate for best results. That includes eating less and healthier, exercising, staying hydrated and rested.

However, along with all of these, you can also turn to weight loss supplements. As the name implies, these supplements can id the process, but shouldn’t be your main fat loss strategy. That being said, there is a vast array of choices and not all supplements are created equal. Here are some that have been proven to be effective and safe.

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1. ACTV8 by Hybrid Nutrition

This is a complete fat burning supplement, consisting of potent ingredients that can help you during your weight loss journey. One of them, acetyl l-carnitine is known as a metabolizer since it moves the fatty acids to the cells where they are burned and transformed into energy, plus it’s essential for keeping you motivated as it boosts the much-needed mental focus during workouts.

For an even greater energy boost you can count on for hours, there’s caffeine anhydrous which is extracted from seeds and leaves of coffee plants, plus infinergy (di-caffeine malate) as a blend of caffeine and malic acid. The dandelion extract present enhances the mood and can also decrease the excess water retention. There’s also HCL, which is known for its appetite suppressing properties.

These weight loss supplements also include forskolin – the metabolic booster that aids the creation of two enzymes: lipase and adenylate cyclase that free the fatty acids from the cells. Lastly, there’s also paradoxine known for targeting the most stubborn abdominal fat and lean GBB with its thermogenic effects, i.e. the ingredient that makes you sweat.

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2. Protein WPI by Rule 1

There’s no effective weight loss journey without getting your adequate dose of whey protein. This ingredient is much more beneficial than soy protein as it’s essential for helping with burning fat while promoting the growth of lean muscle mass, and most importantly – for speeding up your recovery.

This supplement includes whey protein isolate (WPI), and whey protein hydrolysate. WPI, the protein of all proteins, is naturally abundant in protein yet low on fat and carbs, and as such is also a rich source of branched-chain amino acids, useful for muscle build.

Hydrolysate, on the other hand is a faster digesting protein than WPI and as such it’s able to enter the system quickly and immediately start with the recovery process. You won’t have to worry about this supplement being harsh on your stomach as it’s low in lactose.

Note: For the fitness goals of ladies, I suggest Maxine’s Burn by Maxs that’s a lean whey protein blend high in leucine, specifically created for muscle recovery, fat loss and toning for women.

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3. Animal Pak by Universal Nutrition

Want to get something pros rave about? Look no further than this famous all-in-one fat burner. It contains lots of vitamins including A, B1, D and C, chromium, and grape seed extract in addition to other key ingredients, such as minerals, amino acids, antioxidants and digestive enzymes.

Apart from burning fat, it can also boost energy levels, increases strength, and induces faster recovery. Still, with some individuals it might result in acid reflux, in which case it’s better to find a substitute.

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4. Greens by Inspired Nutraceuticals

Want to get something that won’t only help with your digestive function, weight loss, damaged muscle repair and muscle gain, but will also support your energy requirements, gut health, immune system, cortisol management, and the elimination of free radicals? This is the weight loss supplement you have been looking for!

It consists of quality ingredients, among which shelf-stable probiotics, mushrooms, minerals, superfoods and adaptogens, in the example of spirulina, chlorella, aquamin soluble, probiotic blend, and ashwagandha extract. If you aren’t exactly fan of greens, this is a great solution for you as this way you can get all digestive, neurological, and liver support you need in one scoop.

Tip: Remember that weight loss supplements must be combined with a balanced diet and regular exercise. Also, make sure you follow the instructions on when and how to take them – some should be taken first thing in the morning, some pre-workout, and some post-workout.

Don’t forget to keep a journal to track your weight loss journey success, and consult your doctor to check whether the chosen supplements are ideal for you.

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