False Lashes: The Suggested Cosmetic Application for Enhancing Your Look

Eyes talk. False lashes can make them louder. If you haven’t relied on the power of falsies so far and want to find out what to expect, you’re in for a treat cause no doubt lashes are the most potent makeup trick.

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Lash Out in Your Own Style

Every woman is different. While all falsies draw more attention to one’s eyes, there is a huge grey area regarding how subtle or extravagant a woman wants to appear. Some may be looking to achieve the Bette Davis eyes effect, while others may simply strive to define their eyes a tiny bit more, without having to struggle with the eyeliner. This is why false lashes vary in size, hair intensity and design in general. Like for instance.

  • Staggered lash strips consisting of long and short extensions that provide a dramatic look, ideal for glamorous events.
  • Doll lash strips that are notable for the long lashes in the middle and they work great for making the eyes seem bigger.
  • Cat lash strips (with their gradual short to long lash line) are perfect for elongating the eyes.
  • Natural lash strips, as the name suggests, follow the natural line lash pattern and are known for providing a subtle outcome suitable for daily wear.

Along with this, you can pick from various materials: mink and horse hair as some of the more traditional variants, or synthetic and human hair for the women looking for cruelty-free substitutes.

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Shorten Your Morning Makeup Routine

Some of us are blessed neither with voluminous, thick lashed, nor with excellent makeup skills. And it requires a precise hand to master applying eyeliner without making a mess. Applying makeup in the morning takes time, but by mastering the art of applying false eyelashes (which is easier than eyeliner), you can save yourself some time as you’ll have defined eyes without the help of additional eye makeup. The other option is to go for permanent makeup but much like falsies, this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. In addition, keep in mind that fake eyelashes are better than mascara because they create a protective layer for your natural eyelashes when applied properly.

Draw the Attention Away from Imperfections

By making your eyes look longer and larger with the help of falsies, you won’t only make your eye pop, but you’ll also dim the lights on everything else you don’t want to draw attention to. For instance, by emphasizing your eyes and doing the same with your lips, if you have some features you don’t like such as bigger nose or chubby cheeks, you’ll be able to redirect the focus. And, the visual trick of bigger eyes ad lips will make the nose and cheeks appear smaller in comparison. Needless to say, falsies can also help you mask sparse or too short natural eyelashes and help you appear more conventionally feminine, if that’s the look you’re aiming for.

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Conceal Ageing Signs

Considering the thin skin around the eye contour is extremely delicate, it’s no wonder that’s where the first ageing signs like fine lines and wrinkles appear. Whatever the reason may be (e.g. stress, sun damage, poor nutrition) you can handle it by relying on natural anti-wrinkle products to maintain a youthful look and hide away the imperfections.

Pair this with the use of false lashes and you’ve got the vibrant look guaranteed. In addition, they can also be a nice trick up your sleeve when you haven’t gotten enough sleep and want to cover fatigue.

Care Tips for Falsies

If you want to further enhance your eyes, you can count on the help of your mascara. However, make sure you apply it before adding the fake eyelashes. Also, avoid using waterproof mascara for this purpose.

When you take them off, it’s advisable to remove the excess glue that remains on them by using tweezers. Make sure you do it in the gentlest way possible as to avoid ripping them apart. When you’re done, safely store them in the case they came in.

Mia Hadson

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