The Suggested Types of Mechanical Agitators

A mechanical agitator is one of the basic mechanical engineering machines used for mixing liquids. In fact, the agitator is used for homogenizing liquids or solid-liquid mixtures by generating both horizontal and vertical flows. The blades of the agitator generate the horizontal and vertical flows. A typical agitator generates streams of liquid with high-speed, which in turn catch slower moving regions of the liquid, resulting in uniform mixing. The vertical flow agitator is recommended for mixing materials with different densities, as it is more effective for denser components.


Very often, materials are moved together in the mixing vessel. But this should be avoided, because the centrifugal forces causes unwanted mixture separation. Today, there is a wide range of agitators for sale, and they differ in size, shape, function and features. They can be either mechanical or electrical. The most commonly used agitators are:

  • the paddle agitator
  • anchor agitator
  • three-blade impeller agitator, and
  • the impeller agitator.
Mechanical Agitators

Paddle Agitator

The paddle agitator is the most common type. It consists of blades that are used for the mixing process. It is ideal for low-speed applications, and is mostly used where a uniform flow of liquids is needed. Also, it is very efficient for viscous liquids.

Anchor Agitator

The anchor agitator is one very effective agitator, and consists of a shaft and an impeller that can be mounted either on the center or on the side. This type of agitator is mainly used in reactors.

Three-Blade Impeller Agitator

Another common type of agitator is the three-blade impeller agitator. This agitator operates at extremely high speeds. The three-blade impeller agitator is usually used in driving boats, because it is ideal for dealing with low-viscosity liquids.

Impeller Agitator

The impeller agitator is a type of agitator that is suitable for simple mixing jobs. It comes shaped with blades tapering towards the shaft, and can minimize the centrifugal force to produce a maximum axial flow.

There are many types of agitators for sale, and your choice should depend on the viscosity of the products you are planning to mix. Each agitator is designed and manufactured with specific features in order to suit individual applications. In order to choose the right agitator, you need to have a basic understanding of the fluid mechanics.

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