The Suggested Ways Tower Cranes Raised And Brought Down – Part 2

Continuing from part 1…

Some tower cranes for sale are hired for the whole duration of a construction project, while some just for a week or a month only. The tower cranes Australia machines hired for a shorter period of time, are usually self-dismantling and self-erecting. Generally, the boom of these tower cranes for sale folds as a door with three hinge points. These type of tower cranes for sale must be erected exterior of the building, which means that all of the folding and hinging can occur.


Some tower cranes Australia models are fully erected at the very beginning of the construction project. They can be set either inside or outside of the building. The boom of these tower cranes is usually positioned very high, in order to clear the top of the building once it is finished. The tower cranes Australia models are erected by mounting piece by piece (about 20 mast sections) until they have reached the desired height. A large mobile wheeled crane is used for lifting the mast sections and on the top, a pivot section is mounted. Afterward, the boom and the counter weight are mounted.

Some tower cranes Australia models require the boom to be mounted in few and not sections and for the counter-weight to be mounted on the opposite side. Although the boom is lightweight, it is strong enough to manage some amount of the moment through the tower connections until the full boom and counter-weights are in place.

Bringing down tower cranes is completely opposite from raising them. The tower crane needs to brought down to the initial height and then dismantled according to the order of removal, one part at a time. Only after all parts of the tower crane have been unmounted means the dismantling process is done. For some complicated tower cranes Australia models, contractors need to hire a helicopter to help bring down the highest crane parts. The boom of most tower cranes Australia are near ground, what means that a conventional crane is good enough for successful dismantling. Smaller tower cranes are dismantled without using the self-jacking section by a conventional crane. There are some tower cranes for sale that are more difficult to dismantle, thus the procedure of bringing down a tower crane requires few more steps.

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