Tips and Suggestions on How to Find the Perfect Wedding Shoe

The wedding dress itself receives a lot of attention when it comes to bridal fashion. And while it’s true that it’s the main attraction as the bride walks down the aisle, it’s not the sole object of attention. It would be careless of us to ignore the other, equally vital components of the bridal look, such as hair, makeup, jewellery, and, most importantly, shoes.

How to Choose the Perfect Bridal Shoes?

How to Choose the Perfect Bridal Shoes?

While finding the perfect wedding shoe for some brides is as simple as taking comfort into account, for others, it’s the pinnacle of fashion and may even rival the search for the dress. Whatever your top priorities may be, there’s no denying that the shoes you wear on your wedding day play a crucial role.

Yes, you need to like them, but you also need to want to wear them frequently for extended periods throughout a full, 15+ hour day event (think about that for a moment). So how do you decide which style of bridal shoe will suit you best?

Define Your Style

A firm grasp on your overall bridal style is essential to ensuring consistency because you’ll unlikely purchase your wedding shoes and gown from the same store. Make sure to match the style of your shoes to the same era if you’re going for a more vintage or retro appearance. Pay attention to any embellishments or details in your dress that you might replicate in your bridal shoes, as well as any matching fabrics (e.g. lace, satin, tulle).

Going for a trusted bridal shoe brand with a vast range of options, such as the luxurious bridal shoes Bella Belle can help you find the perfect style. The intricate embroidery, beadwork and lace detailing give each shoe pair a sense of femininity and individuality.

Each collection’s versatility in terms of styles and colours will appeal to brides who want to deviate from the traditional white or cream shoes. They’re handmade and engineered for comfort with extra padding and thoughtful construction. The brand’s committed to providing you with personalised care.

As a storytelling brand, each of the Bella Belle wedding shoes collections conveys a story inspired by the latest happenings in the world, primarily consisting of heels perfect for brides looking to add extra romanticism to their big day. One of their latest themes, ‘Metamorphosis’, is the ideal example. Here are some of the brides’ favourite styles from Bella Belle’s latest collections:


vintage wedding gowns

These magnificent ivory prim mesh slingback bridal shoes Bella Belle created have flower buds that resemble the lily of the valley all over them. There are rows of chiffon vines tucked under these emerging flowers. This flower represents a return to joy and brings good fortune on your wedding day. This seductive shoe draws inspiration from vintage wedding gowns thanks to a traditional ivory floral motif on a nude mesh.


Butterfly heels with lavender silk shading and thread embroidery in intertwining floral beads create an alluring Garden of Eve. Your hearts will flutter when you see this double ankle strapped lavender heel with chiffon butterflies nestled among the explosion of lavender pastel hues. This 3.5-inch heel (8.8 cm) is ideal for trendy brides and outdoor parties in the spring and summer.


Long satin ribbons tied off at the ankle dress up the traditional strappy stiletto. You can bring simple grace to any ensemble by waltzing the night away with Anna. The teasing open-toe of these lovely ribbon-tied high heels and the radiant ivory silk add the perfect touch of polish and finesse.

Pick Your Dress First

Even if you’ve found the perfect wedding shoes, wait to buy them until you track down the matching wedding gown. Unless it’s a pair you truly adore, in which case you might decide to purchase them just in case.

The length of your dress also matters. You want your wedding shoes to match your dress at every turn, including style, colour, and even the tiniest details and embellishments. Your shoes can make a big statement if you choose a shorter dress by bringing colour, glitz, glam, whimsy, romance, or even a touch of modern elegance to your look. However, they aren’t as noticeable if your dress is a full-length gown.

Look Into Different Bridal Shoe Options

Look Into Different Bridal Shoe Options

The websites of bridal shoe and accessories retailers are a great place to start your research on wedding shoe styles, even though buying a wedding dress is the top priority. Online shoe shopping gives you access to a wider variety of shoes, allowing you to determine what features you like and dislike. Many stores carry far more inventory online than in-store. After you’ve narrowed your options, it’ll be much simpler to look for your wedding-day shoes.

Consider the Venue

When choosing the day-of shoes, keep the venue in mind—especially if you have an outdoor ceremony, on a grass lawn or the beach—just as you’ll ensure you’re wearing the proper footwear before going outside every day. How much heel you should wear depends on the location of your wedding. Walking down an aisle in a church in high heels is much easier than trying to look elegant while doing so at the beach!

What Colour Shoes Should a Bride Wear?

What colour of shoes you choose to wear on your wedding day will depend on the type of bride you are, just like every other fashion choice you make. Clean white, champagne, ivory, and nude tones will probably appeal to traditional brides, but if a flair in your footwear appeals to you, don’t be afraid to experiment with colour. Experts advise metallics if you want to take it up a notch because they add a little more glitter and shine to catch the eye. Wedding shoes, coming in various hues, from light blue to dark royal, might be your “something blue”.

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