Tips and Suggestions to Make Your Home a Dog-Friendly Paradise

Dog owners are overall happier and healthier compared to people that don’t own a dog or some other pet for that matter. Dogs have a therapeutic effect on humans and make life more interesting. Every day will become a new adventure once you bring a small puppy home. Your little furry friend will brighten your days and make you wonder why you didn’t think of becoming a dog owner before.

Then again, before you bring your puppy home, make sure to fully pet-proof your house and create a dog-friendly environment.

Install Dog Doors and Flaps

Considering how hyperactive and willing to explore everything little puppies are, installing a dog door or a flap should be the first thing you do. That is unless you don’t mind opening and closing the door a couple of hundred times a day. A dog door will save you the trouble of becoming a doorman and allow your new furry friend full freedom to enjoy both the indoors and outdoors.

big brown dog going trough a glass dog door


Now, before you grab the first dog door that comes into sight you need to know that there are many different dog doors and flaps made according to your dog’s breed and size. The last thing you want is to install a dog door too small or one your dog will outgrow in no time. Most products on the dog door Australia market can be installed in most security screens and doors as well as timber doors and sliding glass doors. Some glass panels can even be put directly onto the rails with no additional installations.

You can pick the colour of the dog door to match your actual door for a better visual appearance. Dog doors for security doors and insect screens are easy to install and come in three sizes: small, medium and large. The small ones can fit small breed dogs like Maltese or Shi-Tzu. Medium doors are perfect for Beagle dogs and Cocker Spaniels while the large ones are suitable for Labradors and Border Collies.

If you’re aiming toward installing a door for dogs on an existing glass door or one made of timber then you should go for a special slim-fitting dog door Australia stores sell so that it’s suitable for small breed dogs. But, before you go on to install this one on your own, consult an expert because glass is delicate and you may end up creating more mess and damage than creating a solution.

two dogs going trough dog doors


Perhaps the best option is an aluminium dog door that can be installed on timber door and wall installations. It comes with a heavy-duty flexible flap and a security panel and it’s suitable to use all year round. This one comes in sizes small to extra large and is suitable for dogs up to 100kg.

Extra tip: Before you cut a hole in your door create a cardboard flap with the same dimensions and test if your dog can pass through or not.

Buy a Comfortable Dog Bed

Dogs need their own space the same way humans do. Especially when it comes to their sleeping spot. Instead of having your dog sleeping everywhere around the house, you should get a dog bed. That way you’ll keep your furniture pet-free and you’ll provide your dog with its own cosy sanctuary where it can rest and sleep. Quality sleep and rest are as important as good nutrition is so, you shouldn’t think twice before investing in an ergonomic dog bed that will answer all the needs of your precious pet.

white dog laying on a dog bed


When it comes to dog beds there are a few tips and suggestions every dog owner needs to know. By sleeping in its own bed the dog will develop healthy habits, it’ll have its own special place and it will be getting all the support it needs. The dog bed plays quite a big role in how healthy and mobile a dog is. It’s not uncommon for dogs to suffer from some sort of mobility problem at one point in their life. You can prevent that from happening or from becoming serious by investing in a quality dog bed. You have many sizes and designs to choose from so that it matches your home decor and fits your dog perfectly.

Go Shopping for Dog Toys

Dog toys are next on the list of must-have dog items. They play quite a big role in the proper development of little puppies because they are a source of fun, they comfort scared and anxious dogs and help them feel less lonely and sleep better. Think of it this way, dog toys replace you when you’re not at home so that your puppy doesn’t feel left out. You have soft toys and chewable toys to choose from (or get both). Chewable toys are important for dogs growing their teeth because chewing helps their gums become less sore and therefore the puppy feels less pain. Also, chewable toys keep the teeth of the puppy clean, healthy and strong.

dog with an avocado pillow


Put Away the Dangerous Items and Chemicals

Since dogs are naturally adventurous, you should be prepared for your new puppy to go over every corner of your home once it arrives. That means that you need to put away every object or chemical substance that may be dangerous for your dog. The best thing you can do is keep the cleaners, bleach, detergents and medications in a drawer or a cabinet that can be securely closed or locked.

dog in a dog crate


This also applies to food. Some types of food are poisonous for your dog such as chocolate, avocados, grapes, onions, and coffee. So, to prevent any misfortunate events from happening you should put everything out of your dog’s reach. It won’t be cautious when it comes to food, that’s why you should be for it. Plus, you need to provide it with clean water to drink and keep the bathroom closed or even locked at all times so that you prevent your dog from drinking water out of places it shouldn’t.

Sharps objects and tools should be put away too and you should secure all the cables and wires because the last thing you want is for your dog to chew them and get seriously hurt.

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