Advantages of using an Infrared Thermometer

Infrared thermometers are top-quality products that have widespread usage and application. They have been around for a while but have only relatively recently picked up steam in terms of popularity, even though a lot of people are aware of their existence. A lot of people are still used to the old type of thermometer and don’t really understand just how useful and versatile they are, which is why I’m talking about it today.

Fast and Accurate

People might be sceptical of the forehead thermometer, but it’s absolutely fast and totally accurate. It reads your temperature from the temporal artery, which is just below the skin in the forehead, via infrared waves. All it takes is to be three to five centimetres close. It does all that in a matter of seconds with total accuracy, and most infrared thermometers have a built-in fever alarm, so if you’re unsure if you have a fever or not, it tells that for you. On top of that, they can even store several previous temperatures, so you’ll be able to compare the temperatures of different people or at different times. This is ideal if you have two sick children so you’ll be able to show the doctor their exact temperatures. This can be done in quick succession without any delay, too.

Easy to Read

Conventional thermometers can be an absolute pain to read sometimes. They need to be shaken before use, and once you’re done taking your temperature, you’ll need to wiggle them around just to see your temperature. However, with an infrared head thermometer, all you need to do is look at the screen. These screens display the temperatures in big bold numbers, so you’ll never be uncertain what your exact temperature is. They can even be viewed under low-light conditions, which conventional thermometers absolutely cannot.


Just think of how many times your old thermometer has been stuck under your armpit. That’s not hygienic, especially if you have to share that thermometer with other people. Merely sharing it can lead to infections that you’ve always wanted to avoid, even if the other person had no intention of spreading or knowledge of said infection. As infrared thermometers never even touch the skin, there is no chance for them to transmit any sort of infection. That makes them highly hygienic. Even if the distance seems short at just a few centimetres, it doesn’t change anything because it only needs a few seconds for it to work.


If you have a sick child at home and wanted to use a conventional thermometer, you had to wake them up for them to use it, one way or another. Even if you’re using it on yourself, you have to sit still for a few minutes while it takes your temperature, and it sometimes happens for it to not work properly because you haven’t placed it perfectly. That’s a non-issue with infrared forehead thermometers because it only takes a few seconds and the other person can even be sleeping. You just bring it to their forehead, hold for a couple of seconds, and you’re done. That’s the very definition of convenience.


Placing a typical thermometer is an entire procedure. You have to take it out of its holder, shake it so that you can use it, and then properly and carefully place it under your armpit. If you mess up, you pretty much have to do everything all over again. This can be stressful if you don’t have a lot of time, or if the person using it is very sick and doesn’t have a lot of strength. With infrared thermometers, you do not have to worry about stress at all. They’re stress-free, both for you, and the person whose temperature you’re taking. On top of that, all it takes is a few seconds, so even if you somehow don’t properly take their temperature, the next attempt will only be a few seconds.

No associated costs

While this factor isn’t something most people would even consider, it’s worth mentioning nonetheless. Once you get an infrared thermometer, you get the whole package. There are no add-ons to install in the form of probe covers or anything like that. Most of them even come with batteries, so you probably won’t even have to buy new batteries to use them. You’ll be able to take the temperature thousands of times before even needing to change them.

Multiple Uses

Conventional thermometers can only be used for one thing, pretty much, and that’s taking the temperature of a human. While it’s possible to somehow use them for something else, odds are, it won’t work. However, infrared thermometers can be used for a variety of other things, such as taking the temperature of surfaces, foods, liquids, and even rooms. Mothers can safely check their babies’ milk temperature or their bathwater. They can even use it to check the temperature in the crib the baby is sleeping in. Infrared thermometers are quite versatile and coupled with long battery life, they are a great investment to have around the home.

Infrared thermometers are great. They are ideal for a lot of situations, and can greatly help out in a pinch even for situations where you might not expect them to be useful. Getting one for your home is a must because you never know when you’re going to need it.

Mia Hadson

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