Wedding Crown Headpieces: The Secret Ingredient to a Regal Bridal Look

Weddings are a truly transformative and memorable experience for the two people tying the knot. Not only are they embarking on a joint journey together, but they’re also sharing their love and commitment with the people they hold dearest. It’s a momentous occasion that deserves all the splendour and buzz it receives.

Of course, brides take the bulk of the preparations – from deciding on the kind of wedding shoes that complement their look to the finer details such as the crown headpiece they’ll be wearing. The latter is a particularly important part of a bride’s apparel, as it’s one of the few accessories that can complete the regal look they desire.

Types of Wedding Crown Headpieces

Saphira - Elegant Sparkling Crystal Bridal Headband Crown

When it comes to selecting an appropriate and well-crafted wedding crown headpiece, you need to focus on the exact type you want. Different materials, cuts, and designs are available depending on the country you’re from and your own personal style. Here’s a comprehensive list of the types you can pick from:

Traditional Gold Crowns

The first and perhaps most popular type of crown headpiece is the traditional gold crown. Often made from yellow or white gold, it’s a timelessly gorgeous accessory that can be crafted to have a classic and sophisticated look. It feels exquisitely luxurious and timelessly elegant, thanks to the ornate metallic carvings and real gemstones.

Floral Crowns

Diana - Floral Pearl and Crystal Bridal Headband

For the more romantic brides and those with an affinity for nature, floral crowns are a whimsical option with plenty of aesthetic appeal. These can be crafted with fresh or dried flowers, either altogether or selectively arranged. They add a touch of rustic charm to your bridal look, and you can personalize these with your own choice of blooms. You can go for something more colourful if you like, or keep it simple with muted tones and neutral hues.

Crystal and Gemstone Crowns

If you fancy something a bit more glamorous for your wedding day, crystal and gemstone crowns are just the thing. Their delicate yet ornate designs make them a sophisticated choice, and they sparkle beautifully in the sunlight. From the more precious gemstones like diamonds to something more affordable like cubic zirconia, all of these varieties feature an effortlessly chic charm to an otherwise simple bridal look.

Pearl Crowns


Pearls are a classic gemstone that symbolizes innocence, purity, and elegance. Throughout history, they were used as a sign of royalty, nobility, and luxury. For those who want an understated yet luxurious look to their bridal look, pearl crowns offer a timeless appeal. Using pearls in various sizes and shapes gives these crowns a unique twist on traditional headpieces, with a more modern and fashionable feel.

Veil-Attached Crowns

For brides who want to combine two different wedding tiara designs in one, veil-attached varieties combine a subtle headpiece and veil into one accessory. This gives more definition to your overall look, giving you the best of both worlds. Whether it’s an ornate design or a simple one, this type of crown headpiece can be fashioned to suit your style.

Minimalist Wire Crowns

Finally, you don’t necessarily have to go big on your wedding crown. You can opt for a more minimalist look with wire-crafted crowns, which give off an understated yet chic appeal. These are made of thin and delicate wires that are bent into various shapes to create a beautiful halo effect. They come in different colours and styles, such as rose gold, silver, or even black for a more modern vibe that captures the essence of the modern bride.

How Do You Choose a Wedding Crown?

sofia pearl headband

Naturally, the type of wedding crown headpiece you decide on ultimately depends on a multitude of factors. Some have greater influence than others, such as:

Personal Style and Wedding Theme

The type of crown you should get depends on two key elements – your own personal style and the theme of your wedding. If you want something more traditional and timeless, you may opt for a gold or pearl crown. But if your wedding has a more bohemian feel to it, floral crowns would be more appropriate. Either way, it should complement your existing ensemble in a balanced and cohesive way.

Hairstyle for the Big Day

Isabelle - Modern Crystal Bridal Crown

The type of hairstyle you will be wearing on your wedding day should also be taken into consideration. For instance, if you have an updo, a crown with some height would look better as it won’t overpower or clash with the hairdo itself. But if you plan to wear your hair down, a smaller and simpler bridal tiara would do the trick. Whatever you choose should be practical for your hairstyle so that both elements work together in harmony.

Balance with Other Accessories You Have

The crown headpiece you pick should also balance with the other accessories you plan to wear. If your dress already has an ornate neckline, it would be best to go for a simpler and daintier crown. This will ensure that all components of your bridal look are in harmony and won’t overpower each other. Think about how you want your overall look to appear and how the crown will blend into the mix.

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