What Makes GPS Trackers the Ideal Safety Solution for Cars

Whether it occurs in the middle of the day at a shopping centre, or in the middle of the night in from of the house, having your vehicle stolen or broken into is an agonizing experience. Unfortunately, no one in Australia is immune, so it’s incumbent on vehicle owners to take the necessary steps to protect their property.

Real-time GPS/GLONASS-based technologies are now the most potent tools available to help vehicle owners, police, and insurers deal with motor vehicle theft. The fact is, you can’t always have eyes on your vehicle, but these compact surveillance solutions are able to use the accuracy of pinpoint positioning to allow you to stay connected with your vehicle at all times, directly from your cell phone or other handheld portable device.

It’s no coincidence either that Australia’s own Utimate9 is the market leader in real-time vehicular tracking. They’re serious about helping owners keep their property secure, and their tracking and positioning tools are designed to help keep vehicle owner’s minds at ease when their property is out of sight.

Putting LiveTrack GPS Trackers to Use to Keep Your Property Safe

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Let’s be honest: while preventing vehicle theft prevention has to be your highest priority, Ultimate9’s LiveTrack STEALTH™ GPS trackers for cars can give you the added layer of assurance you need to keep your vehicle protected. With a Stealth GPS tracker, you always have a discreet, unintrusive car, caravan, or even boat positioning and proximity data available on any Android or IoS®-compatible device through LiveTrack’s own iCar® mobile app and Google Maps. And regardless of whether you install a single tracker on one of your personal vehicles, or multiple trackers on a fleet of company vehicles, they’ll bring you the peace of mind that you want when it comes to your property’s safety.

Compact GPS Modules That Mitigate the Risk of Vehicle Theft

Compact STEALTH GPS trackers for cars are wired directly into your vehicle’s 6V-36V power, can be conveniently installed behind the panelling of any pillar, and won’t interfere with any of your vehicle’s other electrical security or charging systems. With a user-provided SIM card, 4G LTE, or 3G UMTS/HSUPA/HSDPA/GSM network availability provides uninterrupted tracking and movement information on your vehicle anywhere in Australia, making the STEALTH GPS vehicle tracker the perfect solution for:

  • Staying advised of the exact location of your vehicle or property at all times;
  • Knowing the status of family members, or fleet or provisional drivers whenever they’re on the highway; and,
  • Allowing family members to know your exact location whenever you’re travelling or off-roading.

LiveTrack STEALTH GPS car trackers are an invaluable aid when it comes to mitigating Australia’s evolving trend of vehicle theft. These intelligent car tracking devices even offer a range of errorless data parameters that go beyond standard location finding, helping to make them one of the most comprehensive aftermarket theft prevention tools you can buy.

STEALTH Technology Protects Your Vehicle From All Kinds of Threats

If you own a ute, caravan, or trailer, it’s important to consider that vehicle theft is only is one of the potential threats that your unprotected property could be facing. Breaks in, malicious damage, or the forcible removal of items like lights, luggage boxes, or bike racks can even occur right in front of your home, which why today’s vehicle tracking devices need to do more than just monitor your vehicle’s location: it needs to tell you when your vehicle’s being tampered with.

LiveTrack’s advanced STEALTH GPS trackers for cars feature Geo-Fence Security with a built-in Parking & G-sensor mode that’s designed to detect shocks or impacts to your vehicle that could indicate:

  • Possible vehicle tampering, or an attempted break-in;
  • An attempt to move your vehicle beyond a geographic boundary that you’ve specified; or,
  • Anyone entering the preset, live GPS tracker Geo-Fence perimeter around your vehicle.

The fact is, when it comes to car trackers, LiveTrack STEALTH GPS is the most feature-rich surveillance solution of its kind in Australia. When combined with a modern dash cam, it offers the most comprehensive level of data-driven protection possible for your vehicle, regardless of whether you’re at home or on the road.

LiveTrack Offers Versatile, Real-Time Data Tracking That Matters Where You Need It

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Real-time data is what gives GPS tracking the advantage over all other types of surveillance solutions, but LiveTrack STEALTH GPS vehicle trackers are able to take that one step further. Through the iCar app, STEALTH vehicle tracking systems make it possible for users to retain a 7-day vehicle data record for all of the module’s reportable parameters, including:

  • The speeds the vehicle was travelling at, along with the maximum speed it reached;
  • The precise times that the vehicle was in motion; and,
  • Any pinned Google Maps locations that the vehicle travelled to.

Make no mistake: not only can the retained data that’s available through the LiveTrack STEALTH GPS vehicle tracker make the crucial difference in helping police recover your vehicle if it’s stolen, it can also assist your insurance company to quickly adjudicate any comprehensive claims that can arise as a result of vehicle theft or damages. And when used by fleet, or corporate transportation operators, in addition to all the above assurances, the data retained by STEALTH GPS car tracker modules can be instrumental in:

  • Maintaining complete corporate vehicle oversight when they’re on the road;
  • Improving vehicle safety and fuel economy through better routing; and,
  • Evaluating the efficiency of vehicle scheduling and dispatching.

No other Australian car tracker offers this level of real-time personal, as well as professional versatility. That’s what makes STEALTH GPS the perfect solution for all your vehicle security and surveillance needs.

The Final Word

At the end of the day, the urgency for safeguarding your vehicle, and staying informed of it and its occupant’s whereabouts has never been more important. Modern GPS technologies can play an indispensable role in protecting your property, but only the most advanced tracking and positioning tools will allow you to take the fullest advantage of them.

With Ultimate9’s LiveTrack STEALTH™ GPS trackers for cars, you’re able to bring Australia’s most groundbreaking mobile technology to bear against one of the country’s most pressing problems. It’s customizable, around-the-clock protection that’s accessible right from the palm of your hand.

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