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A Friendly and Cosy Office: Few Suggestions on How to Achieve it

You know how the saying goes “Actions speak louder than words”, well the same can be said about the office and office dwellers based on the looks of the interior. If you want to leave off a pleasant and friendly impression, then you should focus on making the office friendlier.


A Few Suggestions on How to Pick the Right Microphone Cable

Being a performer is so much more than just getting on the stage, jumping around and screaming “Put your hands up!”. Experienced musicians know that every part of their music equipment is important. The proper sound check equipment, the music instruments cases, the powerful speakers – it all has to be in perfect condition. But… continue reading →

In Need of a Hobby? I Suggest You Try Photography

Everyone needs to have an outlet for the stress that everyday life puts on us. Some people turn to exercising, some try yoga and meditation, while others go for painting. If you have a good eye and a creative force that can be put in good use, photography can just be the right thing for… continue reading →


XLR Cable: The Suggested Solution to Your Audio Signal Problems

People and music have an unbreakable bond that’s always been present; ever since the beginning of humans music has been part of everyday life. Singing and dancing were the means to pass down cultural treasures from generation to generation even before there was the chance of recording. Once technological advancements started happening on a large… continue reading →

Pelican Case

Pelican Case: The Suggested Protection for Your Prized Equipment

Having the chance to embark on adventures and travel around is certainly on most people’s bucket list. The possibility of exploring new places and create new memories with long-lasting impressions is something that makes this life worthwhile, an experience that lasts a lifetime. However, this experience can be turned into quite the hassle when you… continue reading →


The Suggested Calculator for Office Use

Calculators optimized for office tasks are used for estimating percent values, calculating tax amounts, charges and other costs. Today, most of the the world-known manufacturers of calculators have included calculators for office use in their product portfolios and one of the most successful brands in the industry is Sharp. Sharp Corporation is mostly known for… continue reading →