What Makes Ultimate9’s evcX Tacoma Throttle Controller the Suggested Tuning Upgrade

While Toyota’s 3rd generation Tacoma is an off-road-ready success story by any standard, it can command the attention of the aftermarket which sets them apart from the rest of the mid-sized pickup herd. The Tacoma platform has a lot of performance potential to offer, making it an ideal candidate for electronic throttle control.

Regardless of whether your Tacoma is equipped with Toyota’s super-efficient 2.7L straight 4, or their famously torquey aluminium 3.5L V6, throttle control is the most frequently suggested way to get the most out of the Tacoma’s natural power curve. And when it comes to premium throttle control technology, Australia’s Ultimate9 knows exactly what it takes to take these award-winning trucks to the next level.

Taking Tacoma Performance to the Next Level With evcX

Make no mistake: although drive-by-wire throttle control systems are common aftermarket add-ons, Ultimate9’s innovative new evcX Tacoma throttle controller redefines what Toyota N300 drivers can expect from throttle control. Unlike conventional throttle controllers, the Bluetooth-compatible evcX places wireless convenience in the palm of your hand, allowing you to manage all of the module’s performance parameters, modes, and layouts with the touch of a screen, but without taking your eye off the road.

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Even though the evcX is wireless, it doesn’t compromise on any of the trademark functionality that Ultimate9’s first-generation throttle controllers are renowned for. The evcX delivers the same performance punch as its predecessor, the EVC™, while building on a core of attributes that include:

  • Increased responsiveness for turning, passing, or merging with fast-moving traffic;
  • More positive steering for safer off-roading, or driving in snow or mud; and,
  • Better engine performance at all speeds when towing or hauling heavy loads.

And like the EVC, the evcX does more than just reduce Tacoma throttle lag when you need the power. With its added adjustability, the evcX even makes it possible for you to fine-tune your Toyota’s fuel consumption while boosting its performance. It’s an advantage that no other throttle controller is engineered to accomplish, and it’s one that you can’t afford to overlook as fuel prices continue to set records.

More Driving Modes for Maximum Customization

With 9-mode functionality, including 8 driving modes, the evcX boasts 5 more driving modes than the classic EVC. And with a total of 32 levels of driver adjustability at your fingertips, the evcX allows you to control your Toyota Tacoma throttle response quicker, and more efficiently than ever.

evc x throttle controller
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  • Launch Mode. The evcX’s Launch Mode is engineered to deliver maximum throttle response on takeoff, and with no loss of traction due to wheel spin.
  • Anti-slip Mode. This mode is ideal for improving low RPM traction on slippery or loosely packed road surfaces.
  • Valet Mode. Valet Mode limits available throttle response to 50% of maximum RPM to prevent the kinds of difficulties that can occur when parking or backing with a trailer.
  • UItimate9 Mode. Ultimate Mode allows the maximum amount of throttle response that corresponds with the amount of pressure being applied to the accelerator.
  • Lock Mode. With Lock Mode engaged, you’re assured of reliable anti-theft security that restricts all accelerator throttle inputs, even when your engine is running.

And as it’s a plug-in, the evcX also won’t void your truck’s warranty, or adversely affect factory ECU settings, emissions equipment, or drivetrain capability. Your ABS, StabiliTrak, and Traction Control System (TCS) will continue to perform as designed, but with the added benefit that instead of relying strictly on standard pedal commands, you’ll have fully customizable throttle responsiveness every time you’re behind the wheel.

Experience Groundbreaking Wireless evcX Connectivity 

With the evcX’s USB-C plug-ported control module, you not only have the ability to mount the driver’s interface anywhere in the cab, but to easily remove it at your convenience. Bluetooth connectivity, however, is the most prominent feature of the evcX’s design, and seamless integration with the Ultimate9 TC (throttle control) app for iOS and Android devices allows you to:

  • Operate the controller directly from any dash-mounted smart device;
  • Navigate easier through the controller’s modes and levels; or,
  • Lock or unlock the controller when you’re not in the truck.
evcx throttle controller
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And like other wireless Ultimate9 systems such as their GPS Safety Trackers, pairing the evcX to your smart device doesn’t require the use of mobile data or Wi-Fi to adjust the controller’s settings.

Get Top Throttle Control Performance with Quick Installation  

Not only does the evcX boast plug-and-play convenience, it also installs in 10 minutes directly in line with Tacoma’s accelerator. Crucially, you want to wait 10 minutes after switching off the Tacoma’s ignition before installing the evcX to reduce the likelihood of generating an engine fault code, but the installation process itself is as simple as:

  • Disconnecting your throttle positioning sensor (TPS) cable from the accelerator;
  • Connecting the evcX’s control module’s connector to the accelerator;
  • Reconnecting the TPS cable to the connector on the throttle control module;
  • Routing the USB-C cable from the module to your preferred interface mounting location; and,
  • Connecting the cable to the driver’s interface.

Setting up and operating the evcX is just as straightforward as the installation, making it possible for you to create a customized driving profile for any on- or off-road condition in minutes.

The Final Word

At the end of the day, it’s no secret why Toyota Tacomas retain their value better than any other car or truck on the highway. They’re reliable, hard-working vehicles that can hold their own under any circumstance, and throttle control is the perfect way to ensure that you’re getting the best that they have to offer at all times. 

An evcX™ Tacoma throttle controller from Ultimate9 is the way you want to get the most from your truck. It’s an investment in your truck’s performance that you won’t regret making.

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