Why are Aluminised and Stainless Steel Exhausts Highly Suggested?

Unlike most other luxury SUVs, the Jeep Grand Cherokee’s expertise doesn’t start and end in the concrete jungle, thanks to its famous off-road grit. This beast of a vehicle features a 295-hp 3.6-liter V-6 engine, 8 speeds, and a rear drive which are standard, and a 240-hp turbo diesel V-6 or 360-hp 5.7 V-8 liter which are optional, as well as three 4WD setups, all of which have different capabilities. Its tidy cabin with a touchscreen infotainment make it ideal for both on and off-road driving.

Grand Cherokee exhaust

That being said, the only thing you can improve on a Grand Cherokee is its exhaust system. This isn’t exclusive to this vehicle, as most other manufacturers don’t really provide the ideal stock exhaust systems for their vehicles as well, so that they can reduce the vehicle’s price tag. If you’re into rough terrain riding, an aluminised or stainless steel Grand Cherokee exhaust will perform much better than a stock mild steel exhaust.

Whether stainless steel or aluminised is the better Grand Cherokee exhaust option for you will depend on the climate where you drive the Cherokee, your driving habits and to some extent, your budget. Stainless steel is usually more expensive than aluminised steel exhausts, but it’s also slightly more durable and more humid-resistant, which makes it ideal for driving in moist environments. Aluminised steel, on the other hand, is better for driving in dry areas, and is more lightweight than stainless steel.

If you decide to go for a stainless steel exhaust, it’s worth knowing that not all stainless steel exhaust systems are made the same. There are two grades of stainless steel typically used for exhaust systems – 409 and 304. 409 is the more popular option, because it provides a balance between strength, corrosion, resistance and cost. It’s great for any condition and it will likely last you over a decade. 304, on the other hand is extremely resistant to corrosion, and it can last an incredibly long time. In fact, it will likely outlast your Cherokee.

Aftermarket exhaust systems are usually made to ensure smooth and unrestricted air flow throughout the entire length of the system, which can improve your Cherokee’s fuel economy and performance. Moreover, a lot of aftermarket exhaust systems feature mufflers which provide a gruntier, deeper sound, and better visual appeal. If you shop for an exhaust system that’s designed for your specific model and make of Cherokee, then you’d probably have to do little to no modification to install it.

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