Explaining the Scandinavian Design and Taking It Up a Notch

Stemming from the need for functionality and simplicity, the Scandinavian design has been drawing people’s attention since its inception in the 20th-century. But it only recently became so popular that one can even say it’s iconic. Today, even half a century later, designers continue to reinvent this style with new and original perspectives which are constantly expanding the Scandinavian design tradition.


When first introduced, the Scandinavian design had one goal – to appeal to the masses through beautiful products that are accessible and affordable at the same time. The beautiful natural surroundings of the Nordic countries have influenced the shapes and textures of the furniture and the home accessories, thus allowing the beauty of nature to enrich one’s home. Also, the harsh conditions led to the creation of highly functional and effective furniture pieces that didn’t incorporate unnecessary elements or ornaments.

The Nordics also believed that things made or bought should last as opposed to being replaced often. That is why Nordic furniture makes use of quality and durable types of wood, such as oak, for instance. But actually, it was not until the 1950s that the world truly got a glimpse of what Nordic design has to offer. The various works by the Nordic designers in the 50’s established the meaning of the so-called ”Scandinavian way of living” that still continues to today – beautiful, simple, and clean designs that are inspired by the northern climate and nature, available to all.

‘New Nordic’

Today, the Nordic design seems to be more popular than ever. It looks like even after all this time, we haven’t had enough of the Scandi minimalism. It has managed to capture the attention even of those of us living far South and it looks like it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. And although finding Scandi-looking pieces that aren’t of the already established level of quality mentioned above, checking and making sure that you’re getting pieces made of durable and strong wood is essential.

It’s important to note that the same design principles that were once used are still valid when it comes to the most recent versions of the Nordic design. The new furniture label known as the ‘New Nordic’ still relies on making aesthetically pleasing products that are quality and can be easily accessible.

The modern Scandinavian designers and manufacturers draw inspiration from the classic Scandinavian design to create pieces that are new and fresh, but still close to their heritage and values from the 1950s. Different manufacturers as Muuto furniture for instance, try to fill the world with beautiful, thoughtful and uncomplicated objects while providing a bit of novelty. The Muuto furniture is designed by bright design talents from Scandinavia that have been granted the freedom to express their individuality and add some novelty to everyday objects like chair, sofas, tables, and accessories. Muuto furniture is a reinvention of some of those legendary Scandinavian inspired pieces which have been able to stand the test of time.

When looking through the range of Muuto furniture, you will notice some pretty amazing pieces that are a modern take on classical forms. The new wooden chairs bring a fresh perspective to the iconic wooden chairs, but still feature the seamless integration of the back and the seat, which gives an inviting look and maximises comfort. The pendant lights look timeless and contemporary at the same time – some are made from recycled plastic that has been hard pressed in a mold to create a form that looks soft and friendly.

Pieces like these aren’t just modern and aesthetically pleasing, they are also high quality and now even known for the choice of sustainable material. Although there may be a lack of ornamentation in these products, what means is that you have more options regarding personalising your interior. The simple design of these modern Scandinavian inspired pieces allows them to be used in almost any interior scheme and in various rooms in one’s house.

Mia Hadson

Mia is a passionate blogger. Her obsession with beauty, health and shopping started young. Her philosophy is based on simple things, regardless of whether it is about applying makeup, decorating a room or cleaning a home. She believes simplicity is the basis of beauty and she implements this ideology in all spheres of her life.