The Suggested Ways to Style a Hamptons Bookshelf

Having an organised and clutter-free home is the dream of every homeowner. Storage and display are priorities for many homeowners, and luckily there are storage furniture pieces like bookshelves that can beautifully fulfil these needs. Aside from their main purpose to store and keep books safe, these beautiful storage pieces can also be used for displaying homewares, Hamptons homeware in the case.

This opportunity will allow you to jazz up the bookshelf’s dullness with a few decorative touch-ups. But just because they serve to store and display things, doesn’t mean that the bookshelf on its own isn’t decorative. In fact, Hamptons-style bookshelves are quite breathtaking and available in a large selection of sizes, shapes and colours, which gives you the chance to enhance the look of your home as well as its functionality.

What Is Hamptons Home Decor?

bookshelf decorated with Hampton homewares

Hamptons interior design of home décor furnishings and accessories is among the best ones so far because of the luxurious yet warm and homey feel. This style consists of generously sized home décor furniture pieces, soothing colours, and delicate coastal motifs. In other words, it combines casual coastal living with laid-back luxury and elegant elements all in one, and as such works great in any part of your home, whether it’s the kitchen or the living room.

How to Decorate with It?

This style is all about creating a fresh and coastal vibe, so you will certainly not be wrong by using some pieces from the dazzling range of Hamptons homewares to achieve it without overspending. They surely aren’t ordinary and certainly aren’t boring. Thanks to their unique design and appearance, they’ll make the perfect addition to your home, especially when displayed on a bookshelf with your precious books.

Ways to Decorate a Hamptons Bookshelf

bookshelf decorated with Hampton homewares

Declutter the Bookshelf

First things first, before doing anything, you need to remove everything from it. Remove every book from it, clean the dust and then make a plan about how to incorporate the new decorative items into it. Just make sure to stick to the rule ‘Less is more’ and keep things clean and simple. For a more magical outcome, adorn with a few well-selected Hamptons homewares and make sure to leave room for your books. Enjoy!

Add Natural Textures

As you may know by now, Hamptons style is all about natural textures inspired by the coast, so be sure to adorn the bookshelf with shells, coral, rattan tray and some greenery to enhance its look even more. You can also add smaller rattan baskets that you can seamlessly adorn with a few branches of Hydrangea for instance, or any other favourite flower.

Use Decorative Mirrors, Bookends and Jars

No bookshelf would be complete without adding at least one pair of bookends. These could be some natural stones from the sea or some other types of nature-inspired bookends. You can also add some jars and decorative mirrors to make the bookshelf more eye-catching.

Use Symmetry

An important thing to know about Hampton style is that symmetry is quite important. So, when it comes to decorating a bookshelf with Hamptons coastal homewares it’s all about the balance. Each of its sides needs to be balanced to achieve that Hamptons-style effect.

Go Bold and Use a Neutral or Blue Colour Palette

Hampton style is all about incorporating neutral colours, especially ivory, blue and white. In fact, these colours are synonymous with the beach, so when decorating a Hamptons-inspired bookshelf, make sure to use decorative pieces in these colours. Rest assured that they’ll contribute to that calm and serene feel in your home.

Go for Frames and Decorative Canvases

Nature-inspired frames and decorative canvases look great on bookshelves. Choose them depending on the type and size of your bookcase, but be sure to place them symmetrically on all sides. Interior designers recommend choosing floral, nautical or coastal themes to match that coastal inspiration.

Personalise the Bookshelf

No bookshelf can be complete without adding a personal touch to it. In the end, everything in your home should be about you and things that reflect your personality, so feel free to adorn your bookcase with some dear keepsakes, Hamptons style homeware photo frames with photos near and dear to you, and some other meaningful decorative pieces.

Add Your Books

Don’t let the appeal of these Hamptons decorative pieces consume you entirely. Make sure to leave some space for displaying your books as well (chuckles). These decorative pieces surely are breathtaking, but don’t forget about the main bookcase’s purpose – to keep your books safe and sound. According to designers, when adorned with decorative pieces, books look great when stacked both horizontally and vertically.

When placed horizontally, don’t forget to adorn them with some smaller decorative objects like a shell, coral, a sculpture or some other personal item. Make sure to play with the books’ sizes and stack ones of different sizes to break up the dullness. Truth be told, you have plenty of choices, so just relax and have a great time decorating your bookcase!

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