Tips and Suggestions for Choosing Decorative Hooks for Your Home

Wall hooks are an important hardware element no living space can be imagined without. Not only do they create additional storage for your coats, towels and other essentials, but nice decorative hooks can also spice up your interior décor in an affordable and easy way. 

However, with the huge choice of home décor hooks on the market, it can be hard to find the ones to suit your needs and your home’s aesthetic. This is why I’ve put together a list of tips that might come in handy in finding the best option for your home.

Pick the Right Type

Before you buy decorative hooks for your living space, it’s essential to get to know the different types as they’ll determine the storage space. Having one hook for each of the members in your household might be optimal, but adding a few more can come in handy when you have visitors and guests. Hence, we can split wall hooks into a few general categories.

Single Hooks

Single hooks can be the perfect option if you’re living alone, or you want to provide each of the family members with some personal space for hanging stuff. Also, such hooks are very handy for hanging objects such as small towels next to your kitchen sink and hand towels in your bathroom. 

However, this doesn’t mean that you should limit yourself to one single hook, as getting more will give you a lot more flexibility. For instance, you can get a couple of single hooks and install them in a diagonal line or at different heights if you want to add a dose of “creativity” into your living space.

Double Hooks

double hooks

Models featuring double hooks are the optimal choice for those who aren’t blessed with spacious homes or simply need more hooks to hang stuff. Hence, double hooks are very versatile and come in different designs. 

For instance, double hooks with shelves and racks can come in handy when you’re in need of some extra space for your keys, dog chains or other essential stuff. This two in one solution is ideal if you’re living in a small house or apartment, and you want to use every corner maximally. 

On the other hand, over-the-door hooks are also a very popular option, especially if you don’t have enough wall space. In fact, these hooks won’t only allow you to use the space behind your door for hanging stuff, but they’re also very easy to move and suitable for those who’re renting.

Choose a Quality Material

As much as the materials your wall hooks are made of might be the last thing you notice, we’re sure that you won’t want to consider a replacement after using them for a while. Hence, make sure you don’t compensate for the quality and pick something durable and sturdy. Decorative hooks can be made of a plethora of different materials, and here’re the most common options.

Metal Hooks

Metal is one of the sturdiest and most durable materials used for manufacturing wall hooks. These hooks are considered to have the highest weight capacity and are therefore suitable for hanging heavier and bulkier stuff. But however, keep in mind that weight capacities can vary between different models- the thicker the material, the more load it will be able to hold.

Except for being sturdy, metal hooks come in a bunch of different finishes and gorgeous designs to work as a great accent detail in your living space.

Wooden Hooks

wooden hooks

If you’re looking for a sturdy material that is eco-friendly and made from renewable resources, wooden décor hooks might be the right option for you. Wood is a naturally sturdy material that can handle heavy loads, meaning you won’t need to replace your hooks for years.

In addition to this, wooden hooks look stunning and can create a bunch of different stylish appearances. Depending on their design, wooden hooks are suitable for both, creating a charming rustic look or following the contemporary concept of Scandinavian style.

Plastic Hooks

As much as they tend to be a stylish and a very affordable option, make sure y avoid plastic wall hooks. These hooks are not durable at all, as they can crack up if you hang some items such as a heavier coat or if your bag is filled to the brim.

Get a Design That Complements Your Home’s Style 

Once you determine the functional features, it’s time for the most fun part of the shopping – choosing a design that fits your home’s ambience and interior design. For this reason, it’s always best to consider your space’s overall design and the dominating colour palette, before you choose anything that will make your eyes sore.

For instance, if you’re aiming to add a dose of elegance into your living space, pick a sleek black design or something in bronze or golden finish. Such designs tend to look lavish and work perfectly well with any type of luxury furniture.

On the other hand, if you’re aiming to achieve a warm traditional look, make sure you look no further than wooden hook designs. For instance, a lavish carved design can be exceptionally great to capture the elegance of Victorian style, while minimalistic geometrical shapes are better to achieve a mid-century modern look.

But if you’re aiming to create a minimalistic, modern look, make sure you skip any complicated designs and choose metal décor hooks featuring straight and sharp lines and a matte finish. However, if you want to give your space a more industrial feel, pick a mixed design featuring metal hooks on wooden racks. Regardless of what you choose, have in mind that contrasting colours will make your hooks stand out, whether they’re mounted on your walls or placed on a door. 

Mia Hadson

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