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Dress for Work

Men’s Fashion Tips: How to Dress for Work

People often say “dress for success”, which makes it sound as if your clothes can have some impact on your carrier advancement. People also often say “clothes don’t make the man”. And funnily enough, both statements are true. But, how can this be?


The Suggested Handbags a Woman Should Own

Handbags play an essential role in the life of modern women as they allow them to take everything they need conveniently on the go. They are also fashion accessories that can either break or make an outfit. Today, there is a variety of stylish handbags on the market, therefore finding the perfect one can be… continue reading →

Leather Pouches: Staying Organized on the Go

One of the easiest ways to make any outfit look instantly better is by adding a trendy handbag that stands out. Leather pouches are one of the favourite bags among fashionistas due to the versatility in their designs and the ease with which they can help upgrade any outfit. Whether paired with a pantsuit for… continue reading →

Leather Goods Suggestions You Should Own

Leather has been used since paleolithic times. Durable, soft, and protective, this material helped people create the first body and feet covers and bags. As time passed by and as humankind learned how to make more sophisticated items with leather, the clothing and footwear became finer, better looking and more functional. Today, besides elegant shoes,… continue reading →

Important Suggestions on Choosing a Great Hairspray

Just like faces need setting sprays to keep the makeup in place, hair needs hairspray to stay in place. Also known as hair lacquer, this styling product is available in different types to meet different hairstyle needs. If you are new to this, first you need to go through the different formulas and types of… continue reading →

Glitter on hair

Suggestions on How to Style Your Hair for a Dance Recital

Are you preparing for your first dance recital? Hurray for you! All those months of practising and investing in training equipment are finally going to pay off. I’m sure you can’t wait to show off all your moves to a larger audience than just your family and dance buddies.