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summer beach wear

Suggested Wardrobe Essentials to Wear to the Beach: Turn Up the Heat This Summer

With summer approaching, you can officially say goodbye to the cold weather, and start thinking about improving your summer wardrobe. Aside from renewing your daily wardrobe, don’t forget about picking some new beach pieces. Luckily, there are lots of them that can help you look stylish and fancy, without being too revealing.

The Suggested Women Boots Styles for Ultra-Modern Outfits

Around 1000BC, the first boots as we know them today appeared. Previously, “boots” were made up of three distinct parts: soles, uppers, and a type of legging that wrapped around the legs. However, women didn’t wear boots until the nineteenth century. And it wasn’t until the swinging 1960s that they were classified as a high… continue reading →

lace bridal shoes

4 Best Wedding Shoes for Every Bridal Style

The big day is getting closer by the minute, isn’t it? You can already feel the tingling in your stomach and the excitement in the air. You’re already carefully mapping out every detail, from the wedding reception decorations to the kind of music you want playing as you walk down the aisle. But in all that hectic… continue reading →