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Cute Hats For Women When Summer’s Blooming

The strong UV rays during hot summer days make walking around without proper protection pretty much unbearable. Thus, we need to apply sunscreen regularly, wear lightweight, bright coloured clothes and keep out of the sun as much as possible. However, another cool and trendy way to protect yourself from the harmful effect of UV rays… continue reading →


3 Suggested Handbags To Match Any Outfit

The old rule “purse and shoes must match” is so yesterday. Maybe the trend was popular decades ago when fashion was not as liberal and when women carried small bags, but not today. Nowadays there are many new rules regarding shoes and handbags many women are not even aware of. For example, matching shoes and… continue reading →

Plain Black Gloves

The Suggested Glove Styles To Wear This Winter

The season of cold and snow is around the corner, so don’t you think it is the perfect time to start creating your fabulous outfit collection for winter 2015. Although fashion trends are moving forward, and there is a new one for every season, certain accessories are simply timeless and always in fashion. Which accessory… continue reading →

Suggested Handbag Styles Every Woman Should Own

Every woman dreams of a perpetually organized purse. However, for most women this is something impossible. The good thing about a woman’s purse is the fact that no one can tell that she is carrying a bunch of receipts, pens, makeup, keys and cash. On the outside, it looks impeccably stylish and fashionable. And that’s… continue reading →

Perfumes and astrology

Suggested perfumes for your zodiac sign

Perfume is something many women wear; it is our signature and reflects our personality, mood or interests. It is generally considered that dominant people wear strong and long-lasting perfumes, romantics wear powdery, comforting and floral fragrances, while adventurers like citrus and refreshing perfumes. However, choosing the right perfume for you or someone else, can be… continue reading →

The Suggested Juicy Couture Fragrances

  Wondering how to surprise your loved one? What a better way to do that than by buying popular Juicy Couture fragrances. One of the most popular fashion brands, Juicy Couture is not only known for trend-setting designs, but for irresistible, powerful, yet subtle fragrances as well. The fashion house launched its first perfume Juicy… continue reading →

The Suggested Ralph Lauren Perfume

The fashion industry has always have had a more close relationship with women in terms of marketing. This is no surprise since we all know how much women get passionate when it comes to following the latest fashion trends, including perfumes and accessories. However, recently more and more men are interested in looking and smelling… continue reading →

The Suggested Hermes Fragrances

Hermes is a French luxury goods house founded by Thierry Hermes in 1837. Originally focused on manufacturing accessories, with time the company has expanded its product range with scarves, leather handbags, fashion, other types of accessories and amazing perfumes. Hermes started its fragrance production in 1951 with the Eau d’Hermes, a perfume designed by Edmond… continue reading →

The Suggested Fragrances From Britney Spears Perfume Line

From teen pop Princes to an icon, Britney Spears is today one of the most influential and popular music celebrities in the world. With over 100 million records sold around the world her successes in music is almost unparalleled. With such success in music, in 2004 she decided to transform her fame into a bottle… continue reading →