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Explaining the Scandinavian Design and Taking It Up a Notch

Stemming from the need for functionality and simplicity, the Scandinavian design has been drawing people’s attention since its inception in the 20th-century. But it only recently became so popular that one can even say it’s iconic. Today, even half a century later, designers continue to reinvent this style with new and original perspectives which are… continue reading →

Dance Shoes: Suggestions and Maintenance

Using creativity as the means to express yourself is amazing, more so when you don’t need words to do so that introverts like me highly appreciate and there’s always the result afterwards you can feel proud of. What happens though when you’re not that natural with arts and crafts?

Restaurant Uniform Suggestions That Leave a Great Impression

As is with any business in the hospitality sector, the way your restaurant staff is dressed and looks like can greatly influence the impression your business leaves, as a whole, on your customers. Even if you have invested in the most lavish interior – if your employees don’t look polished and professional, it can all… continue reading →